Single, Sassy, & Proud of IT!

Friday’s are dedicated to “What we learned” this week, but not today. A fan of ours posted a picture on Instagram that made us feel compelled to dedicate today’s post to being single.

Traditionally speaking being single is looked down upon. Especially the older we get. People will gossip and judge at weddings and say, ‘She’s pushing 26 can you believe she is still single?’ First off, we are firm believers that there is no RIGHT age to be married. We also feel that your twenties are meant for soul searching. If the person you are with now can deal with your mood swings all through your golden years; he’s probably a keeper. If he can’t…. on to the next one.

Our generation is very fortunate. Woman are completely empowered. More woman go to school than men. More woman these days are climbing the corporate ladder and even owning their own businesses. Basically, we aren’t just put on this earth to find our ‘true love’ and become the next stepford wife. We are able to explore and fulfill OUR dreams. If you aren’t already married or have a child (hell even if you do have a child) this is the time to travel, try out different career paths, enroll in school, go out with your girlfriends, and explore your options for dating.

Unless someone comes along that lifts you up, supports you in any endeavor, and allows you space to breathe – don’t settle. You are amazing and it should take a lot for someone to swoop you off the market. Once you are in a relationship everything becomes “we” or “us”. That person has to be extremely special. If they aren’t – have fun and let yourself be selfish. Until you are 100% in love with yourself you can never fully love another person.

So next time you are at a social gathering, ignore those glares, and be proud for taking this time to find yourself. More importantly, be proud that you didn’t settle for some schmuck who really doesn’t care about you, your well-being, and supports yours dreams and goals. We have come too far Betties to go back now.


The Ultimate Betties

Summer Fragrances

Summer is here! As we all know, it’s filled with beautiful weather, lavish vacations, cute boys, and itty bitty bikini’s. It’s our favorite time of the year! We want to share with our top ten favorite fragrances so you can smell lovely all throughout the hot summer days.

  1. Signorina – Salvatore Ferragamo
  2. Candy – Prada
  3. Daisy – Marc Jacobs
  4. Acqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani
  5. Especially Escada – Escada
  6. photo 2Desire – Dolce & Gabana
  7. Miss Dior – Dior
  8. Cherry In the Air – Escada
  9. Beach – Bobbi Brown
  10. Flowers – Philosophy

These can be found at any department store or Sephora. Go check them out and see which one fits your summer personality.

Happy Wednesday!


West Coast Betty


Betties Love This: Coachella

Coachella Countdown: 23 Days!

For those who have been to this amazing music festival you already know this is a small fashion show. We decided to pick three outfit choices for those who have never been. We will post a checklist the weekend before so you can double check. This weekend is pure madness and you must be prepared. We recommend Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 to help complete these outfits. Don’t be scared to get creative! Cut old band shirts, levis, and break out those worn down chucks.

Give us feedback on what YOU plan on wearing


The Ultimate Betties

The Betties Take On Spring Training

From traveling to laying out at resorts and being surrounded my our most favorite people; we had the BEST Spring Break. It’s so rough being a Betty. An ideal day for us would be laying out by the pool, Mai Tai in hand, and reading the latest Cosmo. Of course, we were rudely interrupted by a group of male friends who insisted they take us to a Spring Training game.  We know very little about baseball other than what size Yankees shirt we wear and which scandalous broad A-Rod has decided to taint. So we knew we were in for an experience.

IF ONLY the guys would have told us earlier that it’s filled with thousands of boozehounds and extremely sexy players – We would have bought tickets for the entire week. Don’t be fooled… about 10 minutes total was focused on the game. The rest was meeting new friends, running into old friends, drinking one too many beers (all while getting a beautiful tan).

So don’t be ashamed for not knowing the sport. Put on your Victoria’s Secret PINK baseball gear, grab your girls, and go relax! FYI: there is no “half-time” in Baseball so refrain yourself from that statement in front of any hot group of guys!


The Ultimate Betties


Girls will be Girls

We learned something last night; it is impossible for a girl to have or make a comment about another girl in front of a man without that man thinking they’re jealous.

Here’s the thing, a lot of women are jealous of other women. We don’t know why, but we are. It’s fact, face it. You can say you’re not all day long but deep down even your man of 20 years or your latest hook-up know it.


Some women are better at hiding it than other women, more power to those women! Some women just aren’t and wished they could hide it better. It’s a very fine line though.

We were out having some libations with a few friends. One of the four bartenders was a complete ditz, like Elle Woods best friends in Legally blonde ditzy. We made a remark to one of our best guy friends sitting next to us. No matter the feelings between us, if they were passionate or strictly platonic after the words “this girl is so dumb” came out of our mouth we instantly regret it. Let us be the first to say the girl was not bad-looking she just lacked a brain. Why did we regret saying it? That comment automatically made us look like we were jealous and truth is, we weren’t. Sometimes we just want to have an opinion, that can be spoken freely. We Betties know what were worth and how to hold our own.

That situation made us think that we, as women, should be entitled to say what we want without our comments being made to look like a jealous ex. When a man has a comment about another man, women usually take it with a grain of salt. Man jealousy can be cute. No matter how jealous that man may be though they just know how to play it off.. waaaay better than we do.


Find and define the fine line between saying what you want but not acting jealous. It’s possible, we know it.


The Ultimate Betties

Sticks & Stones

If you haven’t caught on yet: we have a bible of pet peeves. Today we have to rant about ‘low blows’. I think the moment you graduate and move on from the bubble we call high school; the low blows shouldn’t follow. It’s inevitable at times to let your emotions guide you but as you get older you need to man up, be an adult, and let bygones be bygones.

If your best friend was ‘white girl wasted’ and started a stupid fight with you because you cut her off. LET IT GO. If an ex decides to contact you either ignore it or act friendly. It’s pretty mind-boggling how someone you once loved and confided in can hit below the belt with no remorse.

Do we need to remind you all the golden rule, ‘If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all’.

Basically, these Betties are fed up with the drama, name-calling, and low blow comments that are completely unnecessary. Grow up. If you think life is an ongoing series of Vanderpump Rules — you are delusional. People don’t open up and share their dreams so you can make fun of it later when you’ve run out of ammo. A person who belittles a dream probably doesn’t have their own.

Words have a lasting impression on a person. So why not make your words extraordinary. Be the type of person that has enough class and respect for others to lift them up, not bring them down like a coward.

Just remember Betties & Bobbies… Revenge doesn’t get even BUT karma does.

Don’t ever fucking bully anyone and just so you know karma has everybody’s address and a mother fucking stamp – Lady Gaga

The Ultimate Betties

Learn when to step back

 “This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up.” –Marilyn Monroe



Straight from the mouth of the queen Betty, no one could have said it better. This week we learned a valuable lesson about taking a step back even when our emotions are in overdrive.

Everybody has their battles whether they wear them on their vibrantly colored fuschia sleeve or they bury them deep down. But learning how to read people is a skill YOU should learn as soon as possible. Not only is it valuable in your workplace and with people you’re just meeting but it can save face when it   comes to your next love interest.

Recently, we misread an emotion from a friend and started asking too many questions(as most girls do), all with good intentions of course. This spiraled into a confrontation we wanted nothing to do with and after some “words” we were left at a distance. One shitty situation if you ask us.

What we learned though, through communication and realizing not everyone is going to share their feelings we can still learn to take a step back. Paying closer attention to those people who don’t wear their emotion on their sleeve is important. Don’t pressure them just learn to accept that you can’t change a person, you can just be there for them.

We’ll always think we can fix people though, that’s just how Betties are!


The Ultimate Betties

Dear Middle Finger…

Thanks for sticking up for me!

"As long as you look good, and you cross your legs..middle fingers don't matter."

“As long as you look good, and you cross your legs..middle fingers don’t matter.”

As trashy as it may be, let’s be honest the middle finger has become a complete staple of our generation. Words don’t even need to be spoken and you know exactly what that person is trying to convey. It’s universal.

One of the most ancient insult gestures known, the middle finger seems to have originated over two millennia ago. It has also been commonly referred to as a phallic symbol: “By doing it, you are offering someone a phallic gesture. It is saying, ‘this is a phallus’ that you’re offering to people, which is a very primeval display.” –BBC News

The middle finger probably arrived in America with the Italian immigrants in the late 1800’s..vaffanculo. And thank you to the Italians, Americans now use it on day-to-day basis. We see it on TV, in pictures, magazines, walking down the street, you name it. People have even positioned their babies sticking up that finger with pride.

Half the time it’s used as a flirty gesture. Let’s look at Bob and Betty flirting during a normal work day, there is definitely some chemistry between them and Bob likes to throw in some playful banter. Although, Betties do use their words if she has nothing to say up goes that middle finger with cute smile to follow.

Judge us all you want but we have no shame using the middle finger:

Keep your chin up high and you’re middle finger higher.

Stay Classy!


The Ultimate Betties


Ten Things NOT to say

Betties —

Over the years we have heard many dating stories. We thought it was time to put a little list together of things NOT to say. If its date number 1 or you’ve been casually hooking up for months; spare yourself the embarrassment PLEASE. Wait until he’s in love with you before you start dropping these bombs.

1. I told my therapist about you — Issues party of 1 your table is ready. We’ve all seen a third-party to help us but keep this to yourself. It’s meant to be private.

2. My ex… — STOP RIGHT THERE. Next…

3. When we’re married/have kids — until this is something you’ve spoken about on a serious level (not stoned off special brownies) don’t speak of this

4. You think she’s hotter than me, don’t you? — Confidence is sexy. If he’s with you it’s because he WANTS to be. Don’t ruin it by saying something like this.

5. Awww it’s so cute and little — If you say this either a) run or b) you’re joking, he’s not laughing, and you’re still in your six month drought.

6. Do you want to see pictures of my cats? — Guys usually don’t want to know you treat your pet like a child. It freaks them out.

7. My baby daddy’s new girlfriend is such a stalker —…. No explanation needed.

8. I hate (insert body part here) — again, confidence is sexy. Also, Most of the time what you hate he doesn’t see so now you just look insecure.

9. Can you go buy me some Tampons? — We don’t even let our best girlfriends do this for us so please don’t humiliate him by asking this.

10. Birth Control? No! I don’t believe in that. — If you are trying to get that ‘stage five’ clinger away from you this works every time… Otherwise NEVER UTTER THESE WORDS.

We feel like these are pretty obvious but sometimes it’s easy to get ‘blinded by love’. Mystery is always good in a relationship especially the beginning.

The Ultimate Betties

The Dollar Store

I know for a fact that Bobs are, as a species or sub species not supposed to enjoy shopping in a brick and mortar retail location. Maybe shopping for tools at Sears or electronics at some of those cool big box stores is okay. I have a news flash for all of you; go to the Dollar Store or Dollar General or Dollar anything and shop around. Be prepared to enjoy the experience. It’s okay to enjoy shopping, I defy you to leave empty-handed, and you won’t.

I was passing through an airport recently and saw, and I kid you not, a $10 Dollar store with really cool stuff. Whether it’s the Ten Dollar Store or the Dollar Store, enjoy the selection of cologne’s for less than five dollars, razors and razor blades at a good price and all the name brands we see at supermarkets.

So Bobs, give it a chance, take a walk on the wild side and venture out to the Dollar Store the next time your Betty gives you a few hours of Man-Time to yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone…but you will.


Ultimate Bob

What Did We Learn This Week?

Even the smallest experiences are humbling ones. One of the most inconvenient things happened this week: the dryer broke. Many of us take something so hidden in our house for granted. You only truly see this machine when you need it. Right? Laundry mats are not completely foreign to us. We have lived in cities where that was our only means for clean clothes.

However, when you are a broke college student living in New York; that’s a part of the experience. Get the girls together and have a laundry night! When you are down the street from your house and could run into 20 people you know; it’s not so thrilling.

So we are fully aware it’s 2013 but when did banning coin use at a laundry mat take place? I mean… There’s only few ways to get rid of change these days. That was one of them! Luckily, my Louis Vuitton wallet is vintage and still has a change holder. Most wallets these days don’t. Anyways, so we enter this laundry mat and realize I was clueless. The machine says enter your card.

My debit card? Sweet this is awesome

After spending five minutes looking like a ditz it dawned on me that you have to load a ‘laundry card.’ Okay so after we get that (which wasn’t easy considering the directions were half Spanish) we start our laundry. OK easy enough. Nope! Only 1/3 of the dryers operated. I transported my wet clothes into THREE different dryers. I finally got the courage to ask this little Spanish-speaking woman “what the heck does someone have to do to make this work?” She laughed and showed me. She’s probably thinking “you silly rich girl”

Two hours of feeling like I was on a different planet, I had clean and DRY clothes. This experience was extremely humbling. Just when you think your sh*t doesn’t stink, the universe turns your world upside down while simultaneously slapping you across the face. Stay HUMBLE, be GRATEFUL, and keep your handyman’s number on speed dial.

Happy Friday Betties & Bobbies!

The Ultimate Betties

Rants and Raves.

WHY is it that we want what we can’t have?

At some point in all of our lives we will meet this crossroad. Maybe just once or maybe over and over again. You will hurt and you will feel joy, it’s a crazy mix of emotions that we have to endure during the process. Now, we’re clearly talking more into the dating side of wanting what you can’t have but it works in all aspects of life.


You may feel this way about a pair of Louboutins that only a sugar daddy could provide for you, but you still feel the same emotions. Joy because it’s something you want and hurt when the realization hits, that transaction is just not going to work out. It freakin’ sucks.

Example: you give out your number to two different people (guys or girls) in the same evening. Person #1 calls, or texts or Facebooks you(don’t even go there) the next day. You’re excited and probably happy with that until you realize that person #2 has yet to get in-touch with you and it’s been over a week. Person #2 suddenly becomes that much more appealing in your eyes and you start to wonder about them. BOOM..did we blow your mind?

We’re not sure if it’s the attraction and the chase of wanting what you can’t have that makes us want “it” even more or the want to have something we think is above us. Either way, you end up almost needing it. Some, who play their cards right find the ways to get it, they like that challenge. Others give up right away, expecting to lose.

And our opinion? It’s annoying but we LOVE  a good challenge and will take one on any day. See ya on the flip-side lovers:)


The Ultimate Betties

Be ‘The Help’

We have very little times to watch our favorite reality shows but we sure are glad we took some ‘US’ time to tune in to the latest Kim & Kourtney take Miami. Kim has always been labeled the brat, Khloe the jokester, and Kourtney the responsible one. Maybe the humidity has gotten to their heads over there in Miami but it looks as if the tables have turned. After watching an hour of Kourtney cancelling appearances, demanding a mansion with her own wing, and slapping Kim’s Bestie Jon shocked us. Kourtney’s a DIVA who isn’t afraid to show it.

First off, we are aware that family should help family. It’s what we are here for. Your family never goes away, but how much is too much? Constantly helping someone out makes it easier for them to expect it. If there wasn’t someone to help you whenever things didn’t go your way, what would you do? You would be forced to handle that situation head on. Right? We hope so!

Before you channel your inner Kardashian Diva; take a moment to think “What have I done for this person?” So many times we are caught up in our own drama we forget that people around us are struggling to stay above water.  Also, don’t expect things from a person who makes your problems a priority. We all have our own lives; struggles, commitments, and we still need to make time for ourselves.

This week we challenge you to reflect on what YOU can do to help OTHERS. It could be very simple or something you may not be ready for, either way, attempt it. We promise you – it will make you feel better and show those you love that you appreciate them!


The Ultimate Betties



The Dreaded Family Reunion

Given the choice, a lot of us Bobs would rather stay at home and watch the NBA, the NFL, CSI, NCIS or one of so many other television shows or other passive entertainment than go to the dreaded family reunion. Well mine is this weekend and while I may be bucking the trend, I can’t wait to see portions of my family I only see once every few years.

It is more than just saying hello and trading hugs. Great stories are told (and retold) and it really gives me a sense of belonging. Family is all about history, continuity and the legacy left by those who are no longer with us at this year’s reunion. Some Bobs don’t feel this and that’s okay, I for one just enjoy seeing how everyone aged, how they interact and see if they can remember the reunion where my real Uncle Bob and my Dad broke into song, singing that awful song Oklahoma. Suffice it to say, they should both keep their day jobs. Life is in large measure about what we do, who we do it with and the memories we take from each event. Family reunions are rich in memory building material.

So my final thought, it’s great to see everyone smile (even if it is just a façade), the food is always great and plentiful and, as Seals and Crofts sang, ‘We may never pass this way again’ so plug-in your DVR and record what you must, there will never be another reunion like this one, make a good choice.


Ultimate Bob

Overuse of Social Media

Between what we learned this week and one of our pet peeves (we have a few), we need to get this off our chests..stop with your obsession with social media.


Unless it is a vital part of your job and you get paid for it..chill out. OK, though it may sound ironic, we do have this blog going and we’re trying to spread the word on it, understandable. On our own though, we may get a little into Instagram on certain days but not every second of every day. We know our boundaries and we stick to them.

We now live in a world where technology, more or less social media, is all people depend on to entertain them. 24/7. When was the last time you went out to eat and you didn’t see almost 3/4 of that table on their phones throughout the dinner? We live on a planet of over six billion people, human beings still exist and so do your voice boxes. Talk to people in person, use your phone when you’re alone. Plus, it gets a little trite when you respond to every single thing right away.

What we’re getting at it is that people spend so much time on social media and responding in .25 seconds to that latest tweet that we now get and expect everything immediately. When you don’t get it, you start listing any issues that can be conjured up about what could be wrong. This is not healthy or OK.


We are all capable of dealing without social media. Take a step back once in a while, give people that mystery again. And hell enjoy your life free of the latest update on every social media platform & from those shared photos you could give a sh*t about!


The Ultimate Betties