What Did We Learn This Week?

Even the smallest experiences are humbling ones. One of the most inconvenient things happened this week: the dryer broke. Many of us take something so hidden in our house for granted. You only truly see this machine when you need it. Right? Laundry mats are not completely foreign to us. We have lived in cities where that was our only means for clean clothes.

However, when you are a broke college student living in New York; that’s a part of the experience. Get the girls together and have a laundry night! When you are down the street from your house and could run into 20 people you know; it’s not so thrilling.

So we are fully aware it’s 2013 but when did banning coin use at a laundry mat take place? I mean… There’s only few ways to get rid of change these days. That was one of them! Luckily, my Louis Vuitton wallet is vintage and still has a change holder. Most wallets these days don’t. Anyways, so we enter this laundry mat and realize I was clueless. The machine says enter your card.

My debit card? Sweet this is awesome

After spending five minutes looking like a ditz it dawned on me that you have to load a ‘laundry card.’ Okay so after we get that (which wasn’t easy considering the directions were half Spanish) we start our laundry. OK easy enough. Nope! Only 1/3 of the dryers operated. I transported my wet clothes into THREE different dryers. I finally got the courage to ask this little Spanish-speaking woman “what the heck does someone have to do to make this work?” She laughed and showed me. She’s probably thinking “you silly rich girl”

Two hours of feeling like I was on a different planet, I had clean and DRY clothes. This experience was extremely humbling. Just when you think your sh*t doesn’t stink, the universe turns your world upside down while simultaneously slapping you across the face. Stay HUMBLE, be GRATEFUL, and keep your handyman’s number on speed dial.

Happy Friday Betties & Bobbies!

The Ultimate Betties


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