Be Independent.

Back in the day women were brought up to be pretty dependent on the male species. As years go by this trend is dwindling. Nowadays women are tougher, stronger and more independent than ever (Go us!) Some may still see this as taboo for whatever reason and men may see this as intimidating, let them. With the way the economy is and the up-and-coming generations faltering before our eyes it’s important to hold that independent status.


For those who live alone or still reside in your parent’s “paradise”, have you done something for yourself yet? Yes, a mani and pedi is great but not what we are thinking.

Have you needed a picture hung, your grass cut or electronics hooked up? We bet your first thought was to call daddy or your closest male counterpart. That may work for now but we all know nothing is secured for life and those people may not be there, time to do it yourself.

What we’re saying is take the initiative to do things on your own, we promise you can. It may seem like a challenge at first but girl, you got this!


The Ultimate Betties


Betties Love This: Coachella

Coachella Countdown: 23 Days!

For those who have been to this amazing music festival you already know this is a small fashion show. We decided to pick three outfit choices for those who have never been. We will post a checklist the weekend before so you can double check. This weekend is pure madness and you must be prepared. We recommend Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 to help complete these outfits. Don’t be scared to get creative! Cut old band shirts, levis, and break out those worn down chucks.

Give us feedback on what YOU plan on wearing


The Ultimate Betties

The Betties Take On Spring Training

From traveling to laying out at resorts and being surrounded my our most favorite people; we had the BEST Spring Break. It’s so rough being a Betty. An ideal day for us would be laying out by the pool, Mai Tai in hand, and reading the latest Cosmo. Of course, we were rudely interrupted by a group of male friends who insisted they take us to a Spring Training game.  We know very little about baseball other than what size Yankees shirt we wear and which scandalous broad A-Rod has decided to taint. So we knew we were in for an experience.

IF ONLY the guys would have told us earlier that it’s filled with thousands of boozehounds and extremely sexy players – We would have bought tickets for the entire week. Don’t be fooled… about 10 minutes total was focused on the game. The rest was meeting new friends, running into old friends, drinking one too many beers (all while getting a beautiful tan).

So don’t be ashamed for not knowing the sport. Put on your Victoria’s Secret PINK baseball gear, grab your girls, and go relax! FYI: there is no “half-time” in Baseball so refrain yourself from that statement in front of any hot group of guys!


The Ultimate Betties


Girls will be Girls

We learned something last night; it is impossible for a girl to have or make a comment about another girl in front of a man without that man thinking they’re jealous.

Here’s the thing, a lot of women are jealous of other women. We don’t know why, but we are. It’s fact, face it. You can say you’re not all day long but deep down even your man of 20 years or your latest hook-up know it.


Some women are better at hiding it than other women, more power to those women! Some women just aren’t and wished they could hide it better. It’s a very fine line though.

We were out having some libations with a few friends. One of the four bartenders was a complete ditz, like Elle Woods best friends in Legally blonde ditzy. We made a remark to one of our best guy friends sitting next to us. No matter the feelings between us, if they were passionate or strictly platonic after the words “this girl is so dumb” came out of our mouth we instantly regret it. Let us be the first to say the girl was not bad-looking she just lacked a brain. Why did we regret saying it? That comment automatically made us look like we were jealous and truth is, we weren’t. Sometimes we just want to have an opinion, that can be spoken freely. We Betties know what were worth and how to hold our own.

That situation made us think that we, as women, should be entitled to say what we want without our comments being made to look like a jealous ex. When a man has a comment about another man, women usually take it with a grain of salt. Man jealousy can be cute. No matter how jealous that man may be though they just know how to play it off.. waaaay better than we do.


Find and define the fine line between saying what you want but not acting jealous. It’s possible, we know it.


The Ultimate Betties