Girls will be Girls

We learned something last night; it is impossible for a girl to have or make a comment about another girl in front of a man without that man thinking they’re jealous.

Here’s the thing, a lot of women are jealous of other women. We don’t know why, but we are. It’s fact, face it. You can say you’re not all day long but deep down even your man of 20 years or your latest hook-up know it.


Some women are better at hiding it than other women, more power to those women! Some women just aren’t and wished they could hide it better. It’s a very fine line though.

We were out having some libations with a few friends. One of the four bartenders was a complete ditz, like Elle Woods best friends in Legally blonde ditzy. We made a remark to one of our best guy friends sitting next to us. No matter the feelings between us, if they were passionate or strictly platonic after the words “this girl is so dumb” came out of our mouth we instantly regret it. Let us be the first to say the girl was not bad-looking she just lacked a brain. Why did we regret saying it? That comment automatically made us look like we were jealous and truth is, we weren’t. Sometimes we just want to have an opinion, that can be spoken freely. We Betties know what were worth and how to hold our own.

That situation made us think that we, as women, should be entitled to say what we want without our comments being made to look like a jealous ex. When a man has a comment about another man, women usually take it with a grain of salt. Man jealousy can be cute. No matter how jealous that man may be though they just know how to play it off.. waaaay better than we do.


Find and define the fine line between saying what you want but not acting jealous. It’s possible, we know it.


The Ultimate Betties


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