Rants and Raves.

WHY is it that we want what we can’t have?

At some point in all of our lives we will meet this crossroad. Maybe just once or maybe over and over again. You will hurt and you will feel joy, it’s a crazy mix of emotions that we have to endure during the process. Now, we’re clearly talking more into the dating side of wanting what you can’t have but it works in all aspects of life.


You may feel this way about a pair of Louboutins that only a sugar daddy could provide for you, but you still feel the same emotions. Joy because it’s something you want and hurt when the realization hits, that transaction is just not going to work out. It freakin’ sucks.

Example: you give out your number to two different people (guys or girls) in the same evening. Person #1 calls, or texts or Facebooks you(don’t even go there) the next day. You’re excited and probably happy with that until you realize that person #2 has yet to get in-touch with you and it’s been over a week. Person #2 suddenly becomes that much more appealing in your eyes and you start to wonder about them. BOOM..did we blow your mind?

We’re not sure if it’s the attraction and the chase of wanting what you can’t have that makes us want “it” even more or the want to have something we think is above us. Either way, you end up almost needing it. Some, who play their cards right find the ways to get it, they like that challenge. Others give up right away, expecting to lose.

And our opinion? It’s annoying but we LOVE  a good challenge and will take one on any day. See ya on the flip-side lovers:)


The Ultimate Betties


6 thoughts on “Rants and Raves.

    • but as a serious response, like you said. we always want what we can’t have. if you have curly hair, you want straight hair.if you have straight hair, you spend 100.00 to get it curled before you go out. if you have natural blonde hair, you wanna be a red head. and so on and so fourth. i think, personally, that it’s all about commericalism in the asthetic sense. WE NEED THAT NEW MAC LIPSTICK AND WE NEED THE WHOLE COLLECTION OF NEW OPI NAILPOLISH CAUSE ITS JAMES BOND AND wait….i dont even like james bond. we’re all programmed from a very early age by the media and just life in general, to want what we can’t have.. as kids, commercials of expensive toys were pushed on us, and that’s all we wanted, as teenagers, we NEEDED to be dressed head to toe in labels like abercrombie and vans or nikes or whatever the trend is.

      with boys/girls, it’s a bit different. like you said, it gets to the point where you have a great guy/girl, who loves you. but you have it, so you don’t want it. once it goes away, you want it. when boy a, calls and boy b, doesn’t, boy b becomes more appealing because he is unattainable, which in turn (at least in my case) turns into a psycho obession stalker situation. which clearly isnt healthy for any parties involved.

      i can go on for days, but i’m at work, so…….

      BOTTOM LINE IS, you will never stop wanting what you can’t have. materialistic, relationship wise. we are all programmed to behave and think this way.
      until we can all be happy with ourselves, and thankful for what we DO have, and not obsess on what we want…. it’s gonna continue to be a problem.

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