Speak Up


If you haven’t been able to distinguish it already, these Betties are very outspoken. Like it or not that is how we are and part of the reason we get a long so well. More and more lately we have discovered a pet peeve of ours is people not speaking up about their issues.

Some of closest friends are even guilty of this peeve. We understand that not everyone is the same, however, if you have an issue with someone you work with or your significant other or your best friend…SAY IT! People respect honesty more than anything else and even if it bothers them at first they will appreciate it in due time.

Plus, getting that annoying “thing” that’s bothering you off your chest will not only make you feel better but it will make you feel stronger and more powerful…because you did it yourself and probably got what you wanted out of it.

Just a thought.


The Ultimate Betties


Sticks & Stones

If you haven’t caught on yet: we have a bible of pet peeves. Today we have to rant about ‘low blows’. I think the moment you graduate and move on from the bubble we call high school; the low blows shouldn’t follow. It’s inevitable at times to let your emotions guide you but as you get older you need to man up, be an adult, and let bygones be bygones.

If your best friend was ‘white girl wasted’ and started a stupid fight with you because you cut her off. LET IT GO. If an ex decides to contact you either ignore it or act friendly. It’s pretty mind-boggling how someone you once loved and confided in can hit below the belt with no remorse.

Do we need to remind you all the golden rule, ‘If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all’.

Basically, these Betties are fed up with the drama, name-calling, and low blow comments that are completely unnecessary. Grow up. If you think life is an ongoing series of Vanderpump Rules — you are delusional. People don’t open up and share their dreams so you can make fun of it later when you’ve run out of ammo. A person who belittles a dream probably doesn’t have their own.

Words have a lasting impression on a person. So why not make your words extraordinary. Be the type of person that has enough class and respect for others to lift them up, not bring them down like a coward.

Just remember Betties & Bobbies… Revenge doesn’t get even BUT karma does.

Don’t ever fucking bully anyone and just so you know karma has everybody’s address and a mother fucking stamp – Lady Gaga

The Ultimate Betties

Be ‘The Help’

We have very little times to watch our favorite reality shows but we sure are glad we took some ‘US’ time to tune in to the latest Kim & Kourtney take Miami. Kim has always been labeled the brat, Khloe the jokester, and Kourtney the responsible one. Maybe the humidity has gotten to their heads over there in Miami but it looks as if the tables have turned. After watching an hour of Kourtney cancelling appearances, demanding a mansion with her own wing, and slapping Kim’s Bestie Jon shocked us. Kourtney’s a DIVA who isn’t afraid to show it.

First off, we are aware that family should help family. It’s what we are here for. Your family never goes away, but how much is too much? Constantly helping someone out makes it easier for them to expect it. If there wasn’t someone to help you whenever things didn’t go your way, what would you do? You would be forced to handle that situation head on. Right? We hope so!

Before you channel your inner Kardashian Diva; take a moment to think “What have I done for this person?” So many times we are caught up in our own drama we forget that people around us are struggling to stay above water.  Also, don’t expect things from a person who makes your problems a priority. We all have our own lives; struggles, commitments, and we still need to make time for ourselves.

This week we challenge you to reflect on what YOU can do to help OTHERS. It could be very simple or something you may not be ready for, either way, attempt it. We promise you – it will make you feel better and show those you love that you appreciate them!


The Ultimate Betties



The Dreaded Family Reunion

Given the choice, a lot of us Bobs would rather stay at home and watch the NBA, the NFL, CSI, NCIS or one of so many other television shows or other passive entertainment than go to the dreaded family reunion. Well mine is this weekend and while I may be bucking the trend, I can’t wait to see portions of my family I only see once every few years.

It is more than just saying hello and trading hugs. Great stories are told (and retold) and it really gives me a sense of belonging. Family is all about history, continuity and the legacy left by those who are no longer with us at this year’s reunion. Some Bobs don’t feel this and that’s okay, I for one just enjoy seeing how everyone aged, how they interact and see if they can remember the reunion where my real Uncle Bob and my Dad broke into song, singing that awful song Oklahoma. Suffice it to say, they should both keep their day jobs. Life is in large measure about what we do, who we do it with and the memories we take from each event. Family reunions are rich in memory building material.

So my final thought, it’s great to see everyone smile (even if it is just a façade), the food is always great and plentiful and, as Seals and Crofts sang, ‘We may never pass this way again’ so plug-in your DVR and record what you must, there will never be another reunion like this one, make a good choice.


Ultimate Bob

Overuse of Social Media

Between what we learned this week and one of our pet peeves (we have a few), we need to get this off our chests..stop with your obsession with social media.


Unless it is a vital part of your job and you get paid for it..chill out. OK, though it may sound ironic, we do have this blog going and we’re trying to spread the word on it, understandable. On our own though, we may get a little into Instagram on certain days but not every second of every day. We know our boundaries and we stick to them.

We now live in a world where technology, more or less social media, is all people depend on to entertain them. 24/7. When was the last time you went out to eat and you didn’t see almost 3/4 of that table on their phones throughout the dinner? We live on a planet of over six billion people, human beings still exist and so do your voice boxes. Talk to people in person, use your phone when you’re alone. Plus, it gets a little trite when you respond to every single thing right away.

What we’re getting at it is that people spend so much time on social media and responding in .25 seconds to that latest tweet that we now get and expect everything immediately. When you don’t get it, you start listing any issues that can be conjured up about what could be wrong. This is not healthy or OK.


We are all capable of dealing without social media. Take a step back once in a while, give people that mystery again. And hell enjoy your life free of the latest update on every social media platform & from those shared photos you could give a sh*t about!


The Ultimate Betties