Dear Middle Finger…

Thanks for sticking up for me!

"As long as you look good, and you cross your legs..middle fingers don't matter."

“As long as you look good, and you cross your legs..middle fingers don’t matter.”

As trashy as it may be, let’s be honest the middle finger has become a complete staple of our generation. Words don’t even need to be spoken and you know exactly what that person is trying to convey. It’s universal.

One of the most ancient insult gestures known, the middle finger seems to have originated over two millennia ago. It has also been commonly referred to as a phallic symbol: “By doing it, you are offering someone a phallic gesture. It is saying, ‘this is a phallus’ that you’re offering to people, which is a very primeval display.” –BBC News

The middle finger probably arrived in America with the Italian immigrants in the late 1800’s..vaffanculo. And thank you to the Italians, Americans now use it on day-to-day basis. We see it on TV, in pictures, magazines, walking down the street, you name it. People have even positioned their babies sticking up that finger with pride.

Half the time it’s used as a flirty gesture. Let’s look at Bob and Betty flirting during a normal work day, there is definitely some chemistry between them and Bob likes to throw in some playful banter. Although, Betties do use their words if she has nothing to say up goes that middle finger with cute smile to follow.

Judge us all you want but we have no shame using the middle finger:

Keep your chin up high and you’re middle finger higher.

Stay Classy!


The Ultimate Betties



One thought on “Dear Middle Finger…

  1. An interesting fact about that middle finger. In 1968, I know, I am old, the USS Pueblo was captured in international waters by N. Korea. The crew was held 11 months. The N. Koreans had a propaganda bonanza and use every opportunity to exploit the same and embarrass the U.S. They would show mock games of basketball, have sailors denounce our country, etc.

    However, eventually the sailors, resilient as ever and as imaginative as one would assume an American to be, finally got their chance to get back at their captors. Photographs were being taken by the N. Koreans of the crew to show how ostensibly well the crew was being treated. In many of the pictures, men would flip the finger and explain that it was some sort of greeting.

    When the pictures were shown to the world press and the N. Koreans were dutifully made the laughing stock of the world, they inflicted even great pain upon our men. To them, however, it was worth it.

    there are many websites out there that relate this period in our history. One of them, with a couple of pictures is

    Thanks for sharing your blog.


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