If you are a female and have yet to watch GirlCode, we feel sorry for you. Hate to be blunt, but it truly is one of the funniest MTV shows since Real World Seattle when Irene lost her mind and got slapped by her roommate on her way out. These girls are absolutely hilarious and SPOT on with how girls are in every situation they bring up. Infact, we think guys should take a break from ESPN and click over to MTV… they might learn a thing or two, or twelve.


Luckily, they are always replaying these episodes – so if you’ve missed out, don’t wait any longer.. go watch it. you will find yourself sucked in, laughing hysterically because it’s 100% true!
The Ultimate Betties




YouTube Hump Day

Happy Hump Day Betties and Bobs!

We apologize for lateness in posting today, but we couldn’t leave you hanging on the edge of your computer chair. Here are 3 of our favorite videos that will either brighten up the end of your work day or will have you laughing right off that bar-stool. Enjoy!

We will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled smart ass posts:)


The Ultimate Betties


Sticks & Stones

If you haven’t caught on yet: we have a bible of pet peeves. Today we have to rant about ‘low blows’. I think the moment you graduate and move on from the bubble we call high school; the low blows shouldn’t follow. It’s inevitable at times to let your emotions guide you but as you get older you need to man up, be an adult, and let bygones be bygones.

If your best friend was ‘white girl wasted’ and started a stupid fight with you because you cut her off. LET IT GO. If an ex decides to contact you either ignore it or act friendly. It’s pretty mind-boggling how someone you once loved and confided in can hit below the belt with no remorse.

Do we need to remind you all the golden rule, ‘If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all’.

Basically, these Betties are fed up with the drama, name-calling, and low blow comments that are completely unnecessary. Grow up. If you think life is an ongoing series of Vanderpump Rules — you are delusional. People don’t open up and share their dreams so you can make fun of it later when you’ve run out of ammo. A person who belittles a dream probably doesn’t have their own.

Words have a lasting impression on a person. So why not make your words extraordinary. Be the type of person that has enough class and respect for others to lift them up, not bring them down like a coward.

Just remember Betties & Bobbies… Revenge doesn’t get even BUT karma does.

Don’t ever fucking bully anyone and just so you know karma has everybody’s address and a mother fucking stamp – Lady Gaga

The Ultimate Betties

Dear Middle Finger…

Thanks for sticking up for me!

"As long as you look good, and you cross your legs..middle fingers don't matter."

“As long as you look good, and you cross your legs..middle fingers don’t matter.”

As trashy as it may be, let’s be honest the middle finger has become a complete staple of our generation. Words don’t even need to be spoken and you know exactly what that person is trying to convey. It’s universal.

One of the most ancient insult gestures known, the middle finger seems to have originated over two millennia ago. It has also been commonly referred to as a phallic symbol: “By doing it, you are offering someone a phallic gesture. It is saying, ‘this is a phallus’ that you’re offering to people, which is a very primeval display.” –BBC News

The middle finger probably arrived in America with the Italian immigrants in the late 1800’s..vaffanculo. And thank you to the Italians, Americans now use it on day-to-day basis. We see it on TV, in pictures, magazines, walking down the street, you name it. People have even positioned their babies sticking up that finger with pride.

Half the time it’s used as a flirty gesture. Let’s look at Bob and Betty flirting during a normal work day, there is definitely some chemistry between them and Bob likes to throw in some playful banter. Although, Betties do use their words if she has nothing to say up goes that middle finger with cute smile to follow.

Judge us all you want but we have no shame using the middle finger:

Keep your chin up high and you’re middle finger higher.

Stay Classy!


The Ultimate Betties


A Betty Rant

Alrighty Betties and Bob’s, we have to strongly voice our opinion on such topic: Your business on Facebook.

We’re going to make this short and sweet because we value your time and attention spans. We’re not here to offend anyone but for the love of god stop posting your personal drama on Facebook. Tell yourself(if you’re guilty of it) or anyone you know that no one cares!!


Don’t get us wrong, people care about your problems and those people should be the only ones who hear about it. Sorry if you and your boyfriend are having problems but seriously changing your relationship status every time you have a fight is just absurd.

The last thing we want to see when we log-in to our Facebook’s is the newest Jerry Springer episode. Let’s be real we would rather watch that on TV, at least it has entertainment value.

So, with that off of our chest let’s talk about how to avoid this if you’re guilty of this nonsense:

1. First..take that ish to Twitter..there are too many things going on for people to even see your tweet.

2. Quotes and lyrics are cool if they’re funny or motivational but emo and sappy ones are overdone.

3. Seriously, talk to a friend, a family member, a therapist..someone. People care, just not when they’re trying to get their latest Facebook fix.

You look ridiculous sharing that you’re done with your baby daddy and you deserve better. GOOD. Finally you realized it..instead of writing a Facebook post pack up your stuff and never look back.

Also, we realize there is indeed a button for hiding peoples status updates but this is a long time coming and well we just wanted to vent.


The Ultimate Betties

Silver Lining

As a Betty, there is one thing that doesn’t sit well with us; failure. That F word is our least favorite, even seeing it makes us cringe. Unfortunately, it is apart of life. Why spend hours beating yourself down about not achieving a goal? Did you give it your all? Of course you did! A true Betty doesn’t half-ass ANYTHING. Instead, try to find the silver lining in your so-called ‘failure’.

“Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right first time.”

Imagine getting everything you wanted the first time. Would the word ‘success’ have any meaning at all? Would you be able to really appreciate those moments of accomplishment? Probably not. As cliché as “everything happens for a reason” sounds, it’s 100% true. Life is a serious of lessons. Things happen because it’s apart of your journey.

If you are now feeling down on yourself; you have two options: sulk, regress, and live in fear that you will never succeed OR keep fighting. Have faith that your purpose in life is bigger than one situation that didn’t go as planned. Keep this in mind.



This may seem very hard to see, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s true. The journey you are on right now was meant to happen. Take this time to re-evaluate if what you were trying to accomplish was something you wanted. Whole heatedly. If it wasn’t; seek out the opportunities that will soon arise.

Out of clutter, find SIMPLICITY. From discord, find HARMONY. In the middle of difficulty lies OPPORTUNITY.

It’s Monday, Betties. Start your week off fresh. Let go of past mistakes. Acknowledge your worth and understand what lies ahead is far better than what you left behind.


The Ultimate Betties