Overuse of Social Media

Between what we learned this week and one of our pet peeves (we have a few), we need to get this off our chests..stop with your obsession with social media.


Unless it is a vital part of your job and you get paid for it..chill out. OK, though it may sound ironic, we do have this blog going and we’re trying to spread the word on it, understandable. On our own though, we may get a little into Instagram on certain days but not every second of every day. We know our boundaries and we stick to them.

We now live in a world where technology, more or less social media, is all people depend on to entertain them. 24/7. When was the last time you went out to eat and you didn’t see almost 3/4 of that table on their phones throughout the dinner? We live on a planet of over six billion people, human beings still exist and so do your voice boxes. Talk to people in person, use your phone when you’re alone. Plus, it gets a little trite when you respond to every single thing right away.

What we’re getting at it is that people spend so much time on social media and responding in .25 seconds to that latest tweet that we now get and expect everything immediately. When you don’t get it, you start listing any issues that can be conjured up about what could be wrong. This is not healthy or OK.


We are all capable of dealing without social media. Take a step back once in a while, give people that mystery again. And hell enjoy your life free of the latest update on every social media platform & from those shared photos you could give a sh*t about!


The Ultimate Betties


4 thoughts on “Overuse of Social Media

  1. yeah, but, then i won’t know what lindsay lohan ate for breakfast, or what britney spears is buying at whole foods, or that my brother is having a baby(cause he doesnt talk to me), and i cant spam everyones instagram/facebook feed with pictures of my new tshirt line!!! AVAILABLE AT skreened.com/3xcessiveclothing *curtsey*

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