I Forgot My Phone

When you walk into a restaurant, a movie theatre, or Starbucks how many people have their phones out? Only about 2% don’t. We live in a generation where our iPhone’s trump a one on one conversation with the person sitting right in front of us. Do we care? Maybe when we sit down to really think about it but in the moment.. no. Why? Look around. Everyone else is doing it. You wouldn’t want to look weird and NOT be doing what everyone else is.

We came across a video that disturbed us. It’s titled “I forgot my phone.” Many of you have probably already seen it, but those who haven’t, we’re curious to see your reaction. Does it disgust you as much as it disgusts other people? Is this such the norm that it really doesn’t bother you it’s just someone video recording what you see daily.

We all love social media and being tuned into everything that’s happening AS it’s happening. Don’t let that affect your real-life relationships though. If you are out to lunch with your significant other, friend, or even worse… CHILD. Please just put your phone away. What will you honestly miss within that hour that you cannot go back and look at? NOTHING. Your instagram feed will still be there, your Facebook notifications will remain a red number, and your tweets… people will still be tweeting. The world is not going to end if you set your phone down and go enjoy life.


The Ultimate Betties


We’re BACK!


We hope you all had a fabulous summer of sun bathing, shopping, traveling, and meeting your future ex hubbys 🙂

This morning we started our normal routine at the office by checking our email. Our friend sent us a friendly warning about the new iPhone 5s. Before we go into that, let’s just say. This phone looks AMAZING and by AMAZING I mean, it FINALLY comes in gold! OH and for all of you insta-fanatics, the camera is SUPERB.


Here’s the bad news… after months of trying to figure out your boyfriends finger movement for his password or WORSE that god awful app that looks like a maze, you have succeeded. Well.. if your significant other is looking into the iPhone 5s BEWARE. Apple has decided to make it impossible for you to creep. This is actually a good thing because you are crazy for doing so in the first place, but still, it’s a drag. The new pass code is your fingerprint. It will save you time and is much easier considering your filthy fingerprints are on your screen all day anyways.

Watch the video here.

Sorry to kill your vibe on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, but it looks like your super stalker-ish creeping days are OVER… At least your favorite blog is BACK in action to take your mind off how little control you have now 🙂


The Ultimate Betties

1. Road Trips

Summer’s filled with so many fun activities: BBQ‘s, Bonfire’s at the Beach, Water Parks, River Trips, and the most important of all; spontaneous road trips. How many times have you been with a group of friends (probably far from sober) and decided to drive to California, Vegas, or a getaway to the Hampton’s? We don’t have enough fingers to keep count. So over the years of being vagabond Barbie’s we have come up with a list of Road Trip Essentials. Keep this in a note on your iPhone or somewhere you will actually read this. Especially if you have consumed one too many vodka crans.

  1. Pack light (swimsuit, cover ups, your VS collection, makeup, and going out dresses)
  2. Snacks (water, fruit, chips & salsa, nuts, etc)
  3. For those who don’t have XM radio PLEASE bring an iPod or have music downloaded on your phone. THIS IS A LIFESAVER! Who wants to drive in silence? NOT US.
  4. The Bible (Vogue) That will keep you entertained for a while.
  5. Camera
  6. Map or GPS
  7. Pillow/Blanket for your beauty sleep. We all know you won’t get any once you have reached your destination.
  8. Car kit (gallon of water, canister of oil, flare lights, or daddy’s AAA card)

These are just a few, we could go on and on, but it would become too OCD and defeat the purpose of ‘spontaneous trips’


The Ultimate Betties

Paying it Forward

A personal story for our What did we learn this week:

This past week I was at work doing my thing and this man came up to the bar. Immediately, I asked him what I could get for him and he replied with “I’m just waiting to pay, and how is your night going?” I then started to tell him about how dead it had been. He finished his transaction with his waitress and proceeded to walk away.

Almost immediately he returned and upon his return I noticed a $20 bill that he had slipped under my wine opener. I looked at him and said “Sir, you don’t have to do that!” he said “let me tell you this story” :

I was in Texas at my daughters graduation from a rehab center and I took her and about 30+ other people out to eat. The bill couldn’t of been cheap, I want to say around $1800 at least. I asked for the bill and the waitress told me that it had been taken care of, needless to say I was shocked! I found out that the man sitting in the booth alone on the other side of the restaurant had paid our bill. We were told that his daughter had also attended the same rehab that my daughter had. However, she was later killed by a drunk driver, and he came into this restaurant everyday and ate alone.

As chills ran across my body I kept my eyes locked with this mans while he finished his story. He said ever since that day every time he comes into this restaurant he likes to give something back in memory of what that nice stranger did for him. Paying it forward.

I was SO touched by this story, and he taught me a lesson too. That man gave me a $20 bill and I didn’t even serve him a drink.. just to do what he felt was right. Take a lesson from this story and pay it forward every now and then. Not only will it make you feel good it will make that person feel even better.

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference!


East Coast Betty

Top 10 Faves on Insta

We are no different than you: we are just as tapped into Instagram as the rest. We chose our top ten favorite profiles! Definitely take a look and follow them. You will not regret it.

1. Alana Blanchard – Model/ Surfer
2. Hypebeast – Online Fashion Magazine
3. Nasty Gal – New & Vintage Clothing
4. Insomniac Events – EDM
5. NYC Street Art – Graffiti in NYC
6. Black Milk Clothing – Leggings
7. The Ultimate Fitness – Fitness Blog
8. Birchbox – Beauty Products
9. Victoria’s Secret – Lingerie
10. Pasqula Rotella – Owner of Insomniac Events

The Ultimate Betties

Although we love a good drunk text..

don’t do it!


Here’s the thing about drunk texting, no matter what you “logically” think is acceptable to say at the time..it’s not. The next day we bet you cringe when you pick up your phone and scroll through the latest sent messages.

We have a solution, not that we use it all the time but it’s worth the try. And, yes it definitely works. By now we all have smart phones, and even if it’s not an iPhone, they all must have some sort of notepad or word pad or some kind of app you can download to write down those crazy thoughts in your head. That’s just it, when you get drunk or even when you’re sober.. whip out that phone and go to town! Curse out every dirt bag in your life if you want.

Never go through with sending it but the feeling of releasing those emotions and energies is powerful..i.e. the power of writing. Of course, do what you feel when you want to but our advice is to avoid that route at all costs and..

Our advice usually works,

The Ultimate Betties xo

Be ‘The Help’

We have very little times to watch our favorite reality shows but we sure are glad we took some ‘US’ time to tune in to the latest Kim & Kourtney take Miami. Kim has always been labeled the brat, Khloe the jokester, and Kourtney the responsible one. Maybe the humidity has gotten to their heads over there in Miami but it looks as if the tables have turned. After watching an hour of Kourtney cancelling appearances, demanding a mansion with her own wing, and slapping Kim’s Bestie Jon shocked us. Kourtney’s a DIVA who isn’t afraid to show it.

First off, we are aware that family should help family. It’s what we are here for. Your family never goes away, but how much is too much? Constantly helping someone out makes it easier for them to expect it. If there wasn’t someone to help you whenever things didn’t go your way, what would you do? You would be forced to handle that situation head on. Right? We hope so!

Before you channel your inner Kardashian Diva; take a moment to think “What have I done for this person?” So many times we are caught up in our own drama we forget that people around us are struggling to stay above water.  Also, don’t expect things from a person who makes your problems a priority. We all have our own lives; struggles, commitments, and we still need to make time for ourselves.

This week we challenge you to reflect on what YOU can do to help OTHERS. It could be very simple or something you may not be ready for, either way, attempt it. We promise you – it will make you feel better and show those you love that you appreciate them!


The Ultimate Betties



The Dreaded Family Reunion

Given the choice, a lot of us Bobs would rather stay at home and watch the NBA, the NFL, CSI, NCIS or one of so many other television shows or other passive entertainment than go to the dreaded family reunion. Well mine is this weekend and while I may be bucking the trend, I can’t wait to see portions of my family I only see once every few years.

It is more than just saying hello and trading hugs. Great stories are told (and retold) and it really gives me a sense of belonging. Family is all about history, continuity and the legacy left by those who are no longer with us at this year’s reunion. Some Bobs don’t feel this and that’s okay, I for one just enjoy seeing how everyone aged, how they interact and see if they can remember the reunion where my real Uncle Bob and my Dad broke into song, singing that awful song Oklahoma. Suffice it to say, they should both keep their day jobs. Life is in large measure about what we do, who we do it with and the memories we take from each event. Family reunions are rich in memory building material.

So my final thought, it’s great to see everyone smile (even if it is just a façade), the food is always great and plentiful and, as Seals and Crofts sang, ‘We may never pass this way again’ so plug-in your DVR and record what you must, there will never be another reunion like this one, make a good choice.


Ultimate Bob

Overuse of Social Media

Between what we learned this week and one of our pet peeves (we have a few), we need to get this off our chests..stop with your obsession with social media.


Unless it is a vital part of your job and you get paid for it..chill out. OK, though it may sound ironic, we do have this blog going and we’re trying to spread the word on it, understandable. On our own though, we may get a little into Instagram on certain days but not every second of every day. We know our boundaries and we stick to them.

We now live in a world where technology, more or less social media, is all people depend on to entertain them. 24/7. When was the last time you went out to eat and you didn’t see almost 3/4 of that table on their phones throughout the dinner? We live on a planet of over six billion people, human beings still exist and so do your voice boxes. Talk to people in person, use your phone when you’re alone. Plus, it gets a little trite when you respond to every single thing right away.

What we’re getting at it is that people spend so much time on social media and responding in .25 seconds to that latest tweet that we now get and expect everything immediately. When you don’t get it, you start listing any issues that can be conjured up about what could be wrong. This is not healthy or OK.


We are all capable of dealing without social media. Take a step back once in a while, give people that mystery again. And hell enjoy your life free of the latest update on every social media platform & from those shared photos you could give a sh*t about!


The Ultimate Betties

Most Fascinating Person 2012

People, we live in a sad world when a 7-year-old reality star is considered for such an honor as: Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person of the Year.

In this day and age we get it, entertainment rules everything. However, when more people watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo than the presidential debate.. that’s sad.

If you don’t know Honey Boo Boo, her real name is Alana Thompson. Her TV debut came from the show Toddlers and Tiaras, you know the show where parents dress their 3-7 year old girls like mini-prostitutes? (Sorry we’re not sorry). Well from there came Alana, her mother the “Coupon Queen” and the rest of the family on her spin-off show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Here’s the thing, we don’t hate this little girl and her family we just don’t like and understand why this is what Americans have succumb to for their entertainment. If one little girl who drinks “Go-Go Juice” (a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew, which her mom provides) to get her hyped for pageants can make it on TV than why not anyone in this country. How about we spend that money on things we actually need in this economy. Anyways we got our rant out, enough about her.

Last year for example, Barbara Walters picked the late Steve Jobs for her most Fascinating Person..job well done Barb. We bet most of you are reading this on your Mac Books and iPhone’s too, ha.

Every December Walters produces a list of 10 people, celebrities, groups, politicians, etc. and has a brief interview with each then picks her favorite. In the running this year along with Honey Boo Boo are; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, One Direction, Ben Affleck, Olympian Gabby Douglas, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Prince Harry,Director of the CIA David Petraeus and Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James. That’s a solid list and we totally get why 9 of the 10 made the cut. Clearly she picks based on who brought the top stories and entertainment to the world this year.

Furthermore, the show airs tonight on ABC and the word around the web is that David Petraeus, the general who had an affair with his biographer, is the winner. He was also crowned the title in 2010.

Our top 3 picks from that list would have been: Seth MacFarlane, E.L. James or Chris Christie.

Betties, let us know what you think about the list, do you agree with the choices and the winner?


The Ultimate Betties

Things We Love: Knock Knock Products

Every now and then we come across products that we absolutely love and of course we want to share them all with you!

Knock Knock products are for the comedians, the passive aggressive types, the dysfunctional ones and of course the writers. We say this with love and well, because it’s true. Once you look through some of their products you’ll love them.

They offer; journals, notepads, stamps, sticky notes, stuff for your dorm room and more!


They make their products so fun and unique that even if it is a note that starts off with “things you do that really piss me off” it’s still lighthearted.

We originally found one of Knock Knock‘s mini journals at Pier One. While flipping through it and laughing at the random quotes and sarcastic nature we decided we had to find more products and more products we found!

The office products are sure to help ease some tension when your boss tells you something you don’t want to hear.

Check out their site (Knock Knock Stuff) for even more fab finds. Another great idea for a Christmas gift!


The Ultimate Betties