I Forgot My Phone

When you walk into a restaurant, a movie theatre, or Starbucks how many people have their phones out? Only about 2% don’t. We live in a generation where our iPhone’s trump a one on one conversation with the person sitting right in front of us. Do we care? Maybe when we sit down to really think about it but in the moment.. no. Why? Look around. Everyone else is doing it. You wouldn’t want to look weird and NOT be doing what everyone else is.

We came across a video that disturbed us. It’s titled “I forgot my phone.” Many of you have probably already seen it, but those who haven’t, we’re curious to see your reaction. Does it disgust you as much as it disgusts other people? Is this such the norm that it really doesn’t bother you it’s just someone video recording what you see daily.

We all love social media and being tuned into everything that’s happening AS it’s happening. Don’t let that affect your real-life relationships though. If you are out to lunch with your significant other, friend, or even worse… CHILD. Please just put your phone away. What will you honestly miss within that hour that you cannot go back and look at? NOTHING. Your instagram feed will still be there, your Facebook notifications will remain a red number, and your tweets… people will still be tweeting. The world is not going to end if you set your phone down and go enjoy life.


The Ultimate Betties


Monday Blues

First, we want to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to all the past, present and future Veterans of the glorious country of ours. Though yesterday was the recognized holiday, today is the off-from-work holiday. Be thankful! Not only for the Vets but because of them you now have this day off. But unlike those of you that are sleeping in all day, some of us still have the recurring Monday Blues.

We can define MONDAY BLUES as:
“The low-spirited, cool, annoyed, sad, unlucky mood of those workers, students, or employees who feel that a mundane, difficult, unexpected weekday is arriving to force them into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them.”

It’s funny, we actually found this as we were surfing the web this not so lovely Monday morning. Check out the breakdown here. It will take an extra 5-10 minutes off of doing what you’re actually supposed to be doing!

Not so into.. Monday, Betties? We know all-too-well how you feel, but what’s better than a good laugh on a miserable Monday? We have found one of the most-viewed and top-rated videos to hopefully make you smile just like it did for us.

We feel with this adorable baby, Biggie makes everything better..clearly!

Hope we made your day a little brighter. Let us know what your favorite YouTube video is or what you do to help your Monday Blues?


The Ultimate Betties