Let Go

We all have that friend that brings out a side of us we don’t like. The person that people can’t quite understand why they are still around; at times, you ask yourself the same question. ‘Why is this person in my life?’ If there is a person who isn’t allowing positivity in your life the only solution is: LET GO. It doesn’t matter how many times they say “I will change”; the fact of the matter is: they won’t. You will continually look silly for going back to them. Today is Wednesday and we challenge you to be courageous enough to let go of those who bring you down. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a strong person for realizing you deserve better. You become like the 5 people you spend your most time with. CHOOSE WISELY.



Just Like The Beatles Said..

let it be

At the end of the game, pawns and kings go back into the same box. -Italian Proverb

You know those “empowering” calendars? The ones with the black backgrounds with pictures of scenery, triumph and positivity and an inspirational quote… That’s where we found the above. It got us thinking.

No matter where in life you start out; whether it be broke or graced by wealth, in the end we all end up in the same place. Anything you had in this life or perhaps lack there of wont matter. Nothing will matter.

Don’t take this wrong, or as negativity look at it more like your mid-week reality session. Dissect the quote above, do you feel like your life is constantly a competition with someone else? Is someone getting something bigger and better than you..you’re jealous? It’s time to fix that twisted view.

So that leaves you with two choices; continue on with your life or change it. Change your perspective on life and the world around you will change. Don’t let your life be a strict rule book but don’t be stagnant either. When life hands you an opportunity, pursue it don’t pass it up. Respect people and earn respect back. Jealousy is evil and a little bit is healthy but maybe that “bigger and better” was deserving. As humans we don’t know every persons strength and determination or weakness. Try to judge less and accept more. We truly never know what will happen next.

For the life planners, sit back and relax. We can guarantee your life won’t go exactly as planned and that’s perfectly OK.We say this with experience as both of us know our lives are very different from we originally thought and that’s great!

Probably overly clichéd but next time you hear The Beatles song “Let it Be” don’t just listen to music, hear the words.

Life will work out just fine Betties!


The Ultimate Betties


“The only constant in life is change,” it is inevitable and that’s life.

If you don’t like something..change it. So simple to say, but change may be very hard to do. We could fill this entire post up with amazing quotes, pictures and stories on change, but instead we are going to try to give out a little inspiration for anyone who needs that extra push. Why? Because sometimes we need that extra push to change things in our lives as well.

Change is probably one of the hardest things to do. Some people embrace it and simply need it all the time, some hate it and live their life their way and that’s that. But there are people who want change and are hesitant to take that leap. It tends to happen for a reason and usually that reason leads to a better life and opportunities. We Betties, we have gone through a lot of change in our lives from living in different states, starting and ending relationships to new friends and changing our majors in college (time and time again).

One big way to tell if you may need change in your life is your moods. If your moods are like a roller coaster and you’re not going through menopause, you need a change. Maybe your life is stagnant, which causes you to feel down. One word: CHANGE. Quit complaining and get out there and do something new!

Please challenge yourself. Not only is it a form of change but it will make you feel so good once you’ve accomplished whatever it was you were trying for.

1. Be positive. Make that invisible cup go from half empty to half full..all of the time.
2. Change up your routine from time to time, take a new route to work, read instead of watching television, shower in the morning instead of at night or vice-versa.
3. Get in contact with an old friend or make time for the friends you have now that you rarely see anymore.

The older you get the harder it is to change something drastically, so do the bigger changing while you’re in your 20’s and 30’s.

Big Change:
1. Quit your job, if you’re miserable. Try something new, you have time to dabble.
“I love my job, if you ask me anyone who hates their jobs have no one to blame but themselves. We make our own destinies and I’ve made a sweet one here.” –Horrible Bosses

2. Move to a new town, city or state. Hell, move to a new country. It’s super nerve-wracking, we have both done it but it provides a new experience, and new friends. Even if you only stay for a couple of months.
3. Try learning something new. Make a bucket list and start doing the things you wrote down on the list.

Be inspired to change, to start something new. It’s really never too late, and life is short. Make your life exciting!

Do you have any creative ways of changing things up in your life? Let us know.

The Ultimate Betties