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A Quick Favor

Hello All!

We just wanted to send you all a quick message asking for a huge favor. We work hard everyday on this blog to get our content available to everyone we possibly can. The great thing about blogs is that everyone can read them and if they care enough about what they have just read they will probably pass it along.

We know that when we read content on the web we share it with each other, our friends and our family. We ask that if you come across this post check out our full site and if you like what you see follow us! If you don’t (and that’s OK) maybe you know someone else who would like our stuff, pass it along. The more people we reach the better. Not because we’re trying to get this blog famous (though that would be ah-maaaay-zing!) we hope some of our posts help people. These Betties were born to help! , were also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, just search The Ultimate Betty or The Ult Betty.
Thanks again to all of you who do follow us, comment on or like our posts. It means a lot more to us than you probably realize.


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Dear Betty…

Dear Betty….

People say I look 10 years younger than I am.  That’s nice and no problem to hear that, but I feel guilty that I do absolutely nothing to keep it nice looking.  Some day my good skin genes from my dad’s side are gonna show me up for my real age.  Funny story:  I went in to Macy’s to the Clinique counter once and got a makeover, and the young girl asked me what my cleansing and moisturizing routine was (trying to choose the right formula for me).   I said  “Actually, nothing,” and she accused me of lying to her!  🙂

Now that my wedding is one month away, I want to know what you would advise on:  how does a person get a beauty routine down so that she does it day after day, night after night, without a second thought?  For me, it’s like pulling teeth.  In fact, I floss my teeth everyday, and I know a lot of people don’t.  So, I have the opposite problem.

Would you care to share with us what each of you do for your face care, please?  Oh, also, I am drinking lots of water to keep my skin beautiful.  🙂

Thank you Betties!

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Introducing: Dear Betty…

We have an exciting new addition to our site, Betties.

We’ve come across so many people asking questions on how we got started, who we are, or simply want our advice through comments. We’re not going to lie; going through comments and trying to figure out if they are spam or not is a timely matter. We decided it would be best to start a forum for all you Betties out there. We love hearing your input, but even more than that, we LOVE our followers and want to help you out in any way possible.

This will be completely anonymous, don’t worry! We are aware that there are topics you can’t go to your friends about. It’s no reason to end a friendship over. Simply go to our ‘Dear Betty…’ tab next to our ‘About Us’ section and VENT away. We will receive your comments through our blog e-mail (which we check multiple times a day).

Seriously, Betties. ANYTHING you want to discuss. Fashion, relationships, personal issues, suggestions about our site, recommendations for improvement, or just to chat. If there is any topic you wouldn’t want us to post on the site; please voice that in your comment to us. The last thing we want to do is embarrass anyone (even though it will be anonymous). We’re on YOUR side!

We hope to hear from you all!


The Ultimate Betties


Ladies, it’s that time of year again…. I know you are all thinking ‘Chanel, Burberry, and Givenchy‘ fall/winter line. Duh! Unfortunately, that is not what we mean.

No-Shave November is upon us.

You know, the time of year with our boyfriends ‘bro’ out with their other friends to see who can grow the more manly beard. We’re aware that this was originally started for a purpose. A great purpose actually. ‘Movember‘ was created to spread awareness to other men about prostate cancer. If only  men could broadcast the reasoning behind it more often. Instead, they post Facebook status updates and post Instagram pictures of their ever-growing bush on their face. Other dudes comment, “patchy brah”, “apparently you didn’t see your missed call from puberty ha”, or “weaksauce”. They revert back to their awkward thirteen year old self.

The funniest part of all is if a woman EVER said to a man, “It’s ‘No-Shave November Babe! Looks like I can throw away my razor! Tehehe” We would all be wondering this earth single, miserable, and worst of all…. HAIRY.

While a man who can grow facial hair is extremely sexy; it can get aggravating real quick. The rug-burn like kisses. Tickling sensation on your neck when they are being cute and brush up next to you. The constant scratching of their face. Keep calm. If growing a beard, drinking a Heineken, and watching NFL with their friends keeps them happy. Let it happen. In the meantime, you all can go rack up the AMEX at Chanel, Burberry, Versace, Givenchy, and wherever your heart desires. By the time they notice the bill, you will have paid it off and will snap necks until the snow melts off the ground.


The Ultimate Betties


“The only constant in life is change,” it is inevitable and that’s life.

If you don’t like something..change it. So simple to say, but change may be very hard to do. We could fill this entire post up with amazing quotes, pictures and stories on change, but instead we are going to try to give out a little inspiration for anyone who needs that extra push. Why? Because sometimes we need that extra push to change things in our lives as well.

Change is probably one of the hardest things to do. Some people embrace it and simply need it all the time, some hate it and live their life their way and that’s that. But there are people who want change and are hesitant to take that leap. It tends to happen for a reason and usually that reason leads to a better life and opportunities. We Betties, we have gone through a lot of change in our lives from living in different states, starting and ending relationships to new friends and changing our majors in college (time and time again).

One big way to tell if you may need change in your life is your moods. If your moods are like a roller coaster and you’re not going through menopause, you need a change. Maybe your life is stagnant, which causes you to feel down. One word: CHANGE. Quit complaining and get out there and do something new!

Please challenge yourself. Not only is it a form of change but it will make you feel so good once you’ve accomplished whatever it was you were trying for.

1. Be positive. Make that invisible cup go from half empty to half full..all of the time.
2. Change up your routine from time to time, take a new route to work, read instead of watching television, shower in the morning instead of at night or vice-versa.
3. Get in contact with an old friend or make time for the friends you have now that you rarely see anymore.

The older you get the harder it is to change something drastically, so do the bigger changing while you’re in your 20’s and 30’s.

Big Change:
1. Quit your job, if you’re miserable. Try something new, you have time to dabble.
“I love my job, if you ask me anyone who hates their jobs have no one to blame but themselves. We make our own destinies and I’ve made a sweet one here.” –Horrible Bosses

2. Move to a new town, city or state. Hell, move to a new country. It’s super nerve-wracking, we have both done it but it provides a new experience, and new friends. Even if you only stay for a couple of months.
3. Try learning something new. Make a bucket list and start doing the things you wrote down on the list.

Be inspired to change, to start something new. It’s really never too late, and life is short. Make your life exciting!

Do you have any creative ways of changing things up in your life? Let us know.

The Ultimate Betties


Thanks to fads …


Thanks to fads such as Instagram and Pinterest a person who suffers from Insomnia has no remedy. These sites are worse than Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter combined. Clearly, the three creators of Pinterest also have severe ADHD. One minute you’re looking at ways to get a stain out of your favorite blouse.

“Oh! Mixing car oil and baking soda will get that out?”

I mean WHO in the world has the time to mix different household items and test it out on random things? Of course, it’s much appreciated, but slightly perturbing. I know everyone is so over the “Well, in this economy…” but people have way more time on their hands. To you all, we thank you. If it wasn’t for you, we’d be staring at the dark ceiling to cope with our insomnia, or worse… eating.

I’d say the highlight of it all is the endless quotes you come across.

“Don’t talk bad about your husband. to anyone. Ever.”

Or what?

I’ll get murdered? The person will tell him? Is this not common sense? Should we really talk badly about ANYONE? Let alone the person we fell in love with. Real philosophical. Thank you for wasting 7 minutes out of your day to find scrap paper, a sharpie, and write out that amazingly helpful unintelligent quote. If you’re connected through Facebook…. which let’s face it. We all are. You get the joy of seeing who re-pins these gems or even better who CREATED them.

On a day when you really need some uplifting thoughts go to the quote category. It will make you think. On a day you want to laugh your ass off. Go to the quote category. You will, indeed, laugh your ass off.

Nevertheless, we Betties with insomnia thrive off sites like these. So, thank you Creators! Maybe someone soon can come up with a site that will make you fall asleep after browsing it for 5 minutes. That would be VERY beneficial.


The Ultimate Betties

A Betty Must Buy: YouCurl

We may be a little late to the YouCurl game, but better late than never. After walking into Ulta to replenish my skin care needs — I walked out with a very interesting shaped curling iron that I’ve only heard about. Skeptical of course. I figured I would be back in two hours with loose curls, a plethora of sarcastic remarks… including: no glove no love, and irritated that my hair looked like Ke$ha styled it.

I have never had beautiful locks like Eva Longoria or the Kardashian Klan. I have extremely thin semi wavy hair. I guess I can thank my Father for his odd hair because my waves are the only thing that kept a curl in the past. Not with this bad boy! Heat settings that range from 310 degrees to 400 kept my beautiful bouncy curls in tact ALL DAY with absolutely no hairspray. There’s nothing less attractive than having a guys fingers get stuck through your nasty hairspray do. Imagine, getting fabulous natural looking curls without standing in a cloud of spray for 30 seconds just so it stays. This is a miracle, Betties!

Let that not-so-funny-not-so-attractive-co-worker pick up your tab this weekend so you can go spend the best $30 of your life. We guarantee this product will be breaking necks for weekends to come. Follow the link to check out where you can grab your own.

Get to primpin’.


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