The grass could be greener

We all know the saying:

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Well we call BS! Obviously it has and can definitely be proven true but when we hear that saying it just makes us think negatively. These Betties are always “half full” so we do our best to push the negativity out of our lives.

Just because you’re not particularly happy in the situation you may be in currently, does not mean you have to stay there. Everyone is putting the bug in your ear that what may be your next move won’t prove as hopeful as you’d like. They’re the ones who are missing out, not you.


They may be right, it could turn out to be a worse situation but again, you never know until you try. At least you will have that one up on them, taking chances and learning new things.

Moving up or on never hurt anyone in the long run. Do what you want!


The Ultimate Betties

What Did You Learn This Week?

What Did You Learn This Week: Health in America

This week, we did not learn something of positivity but rather negativity. However, it was something we would like to share with everyone.


We read this article on USA Today’s website: “Americans live sicker, die younger than Others.” When we read through it we were particularly surprised considering how many resources the U.S. has and have developed over the years.
“Americans consume more calories per person; are more likely to abuse drugs; less likely to wear seat belts, more likely to be in a traffic accident; and are more likely to use a firearm in acts of violence…Well-educated Americans β€” with medical insurance and healthy habits, such as avoiding tobacco and obesity β€” are still sicker than their peers abroad.” That’s scary.

We will let you read the article at your leisure. This really opened up our eyes to something we didn’t realize was going on and we hope it will do the same for you all.

As Betties it is part of our duty to help. Plus, we want all of you and our friends and family around for as long as possible! Start taking a look at how you’re living and the people around you. Help them, suggest to them how to live a little better. It may not all be just about exercise(though it does have a lot of benefits) it could be more simple than that. Help someone quit smoking, be their therapist and let’s not forget to teach our children the same things. Studies show the first 5 years of a child’s life are the most influential.

How can you help?


The Ultimate Betties

Weekly Inspiration: Half Full

Is your cup half full or half empty?

Well, from this Betty’s point-of-view growing up it was always half empty. Not because I had a bad childhood at all, but because that’s just the way the cookie crumbled, no blame on anyone. Nowadays, its more three-quarters-full! It was wasn’t an easy ride though.

I’ve learned that the people you surround yourself with help keep your state of mind. If you’re hanging out with someone who is a Negative Nancy then how do you suppose you can be a positive person? Now, I’m not recommending that you drop all of your friends, but no one enjoys being negative, no one. Maybe you and your friend can work on being positive together!

Personally, for example, I used to have a problem with my weight during those wonderful awkward years. I couldn’t run a half a mile without stopping. It was very embarrassing during gym class in elementary/middle school. It wasn’t until high school that I put my mind to getting in shape and finally being able to run that mile.

My parents were “gym rats” and when they said they would pay for a gym membership for me by my high school, I halfheartedly accepted. At first I wasn’t ready, but by sophomore year I was getting up for school packing my own lunch, and a bag for the gym. After school everyday I walked to the gym and remained there for a solid 2 hours(a little excessive), but I loved it! After a few months, I was running for 20 minutes solid, which was way more than a mile and I was dropping weight, 20 pounds in total. I felt so good about myself. I did what I thought I couldn’t do and that was the moment my life started to take a positive turn!

Next time something doesn’t go your way or you think that you can’t: your boss wont let you have that day off, your plane is delayed, lose that extra 5 pounds, etc. I want you to take a step back and come up with three possible situations that could be worse and let it roll off your back.

When things get rough Betties, don’t get down, just think of all the positives. Are you breathing? Can you walk and talk? Do you have a family and friends? Yes! Then consider yourself lucky. We take those people and allowances for granted sometimes and every now and then we need to be reminded of that.

How you portray yourself is how people will read you, remember that!
Keep that glass FULL!


The East Coast Betty