We’re BACK!


We hope you all had a fabulous summer of sun bathing, shopping, traveling, and meeting your future ex hubbys πŸ™‚

This morning we started our normal routine at the office by checking our email. Our friend sent us a friendly warning about the new iPhone 5s. Before we go into that, let’s just say. This phone looks AMAZING and by AMAZING I mean, it FINALLY comes in gold! OH and for all of you insta-fanatics, the camera is SUPERB.


Here’s the bad news… after months of trying to figure out your boyfriends finger movement for his password or WORSE that god awful app that looks like a maze, you have succeeded. Well.. if your significant other is looking into the iPhone 5s BEWARE. Apple has decided to make it impossible for you to creep. This is actually a good thing because you are crazy for doing so in the first place, but still, it’s a drag. The new pass code is your fingerprint. It will save you time and is much easier considering your filthy fingerprints are on your screen all day anyways.

Watch the video here.

Sorry to kill your vibe on this lovely Tuesday afternoon, but it looks like your super stalker-ish creeping days are OVER… At least your favorite blog is BACK in action to take your mind off how little control you have now πŸ™‚


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