If you are a female and have yet to watch GirlCode, we feel sorry for you. Hate to be blunt, but it truly is one of the funniest MTV shows since Real World Seattle when Irene lost her mind and got slapped by her roommate on her way out. These girls are absolutely hilarious and SPOT on with how girls are in every situation they bring up. Infact, we think guys should take a break from ESPN and click over to MTV… they might learn a thing or two, or twelve.


Luckily, they are always replaying these episodes – so if you’ve missed out, don’t wait any longer.. go watch it. you will find yourself sucked in, laughing hysterically because it’s 100% true!
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It seems that when celebrities spotlight starts fading the one thing that enters their mind is: sex tape. From Kim Kardashian to the bratty Teen Mom, Farrah.. everyone seems to have one. Whether they say it was hidden, leaked, or if they actually just made one to get some extra dinero; it’s still disgusting.

First off, if you are a celebrity and don’t have any prior videos made – you shouldn’t think now is a good time. That’s your first mistake. Secondly, if you did have a video pre-fame you need to take care of that ASAP. We are so sick of reading these BREAKING NEWS articles about who decided to come out with a sex tape. It’s pathetic, a bad example, and quite frankly…. annoying.

Just because you are famous you think everyone will want to see you doing the mattress mambo? NO! If you enjoy doing that – go get a job in the industry. Don’t try to make a video so you can up your bank account amount.

We want YOUR thoughts.

What We Learned This Week

Teen Mom‘s Leah Calvert must have a  p—- made of gold, oops, we meant to say ‘heart’ – a HEART of gold. On this weeks episode of Teen Mom 2: So hard to say good-bye, we had an epiphany.

20 something year old Leah Calvert must be doing something right. Either in the bedroom (our guess) or just has the greatest heart in the world. How can a girl (who gave back her engagement ring to rekindle love with baby daddy) pull off getting that ring back only a week later when she realizes her ex doesn’t want to commit? I’m not sure if it’s a backwoods thing, but I don’t know one male who would put up with that BS.

We want your thoughts! Guys – would you put up with these games? Ladies – do you agree or disagree with what she is doing? Let us know!


The Ultimate Betties

Catfishing Mondays

It’s Monday night which means fresh episodes of ‘Catfish‘; a Betties favorite MTV hit series. For those of you who don’t know – the show is a spin-off from the movie ‘Catfish’ released in 2010. Two young men help people meet their online love interests.

Nine times out of ten the people behind their Facebook profiles aren’t who they say they are. Whether it’s to seek revenge or feel accepted; every person has a unique story.

Of course delusion is the first word that comes to mind while watching each episode. In the back of their mind, don’t they wonder – is this real? Especially if they have never spoken to this person on the phone. It’s 2013, everybody and their dog has a cell phone.  Even if they question it they still see it through. It makes us believe there’s some hope in this world. The positive side to this show is how much hope and faith these youngsters have in love. It’s actually quite cute. It shows our world isn’t completely jaded.

We personally commend  participants on the show. It’s heart wrenching to watch the disappointment. However, we think you should all be cautious of online dating. Everybody seems interesting and fabulous behind a computer screen. Your imagination creates the person you want. Let’s get back to being confident enough to seek out love the old-fashioned way. Face-to-face.


The Ultimate Betties