Silver Lining

As a Betty, there is one thing that doesn’t sit well with us; failure. That F word is our least favorite, even seeing it makes us cringe. Unfortunately, it is apart of life. Why spend hours beating yourself down about not achieving a goal? Did you give it your all? Of course you did! A true Betty doesn’t half-ass ANYTHING. Instead, try to find the silver lining in your so-called ‘failure’.

“Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right first time.”

Imagine getting everything you wanted the first time. Would the word ‘success’ have any meaning at all? Would you be able to really appreciate those moments of accomplishment? Probably not. As cliché as “everything happens for a reason” sounds, it’s 100% true. Life is a serious of lessons. Things happen because it’s apart of your journey.

If you are now feeling down on yourself; you have two options: sulk, regress, and live in fear that you will never succeed OR keep fighting. Have faith that your purpose in life is bigger than one situation that didn’t go as planned. Keep this in mind.



This may seem very hard to see, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s true. The journey you are on right now was meant to happen. Take this time to re-evaluate if what you were trying to accomplish was something you wanted. Whole heatedly. If it wasn’t; seek out the opportunities that will soon arise.

Out of clutter, find SIMPLICITY. From discord, find HARMONY. In the middle of difficulty lies OPPORTUNITY.

It’s Monday, Betties. Start your week off fresh. Let go of past mistakes. Acknowledge your worth and understand what lies ahead is far better than what you left behind.


The Ultimate Betties


Betty Law #1: Law of Attraction

The Uni has been sending us Betties an abundance of positive energy the past two weeks. We are sure some of you waiver on the ‘law of attraction’ subject. Totally understandable. We were the exact same way. It usually takes a life altering situation for you to realize you have to change your mindset. It can be as simple as feeling negativity that brings you down or as deep as losing a family member. At some point in time, your thoughts will be tested. You have the choice to be positive or negative. Which will benefit you the most in the long run? Which will make you feel better in the moment? Questions you need to ask yourself.

Do you ever have the morning where you wake up and immediately hit a body part on a piece of furniture? You lose your sh*t. If you were a rap song, we wouldn’t be able to hear your words through the constant bleep, mother of, bleep, bleep. Long story short…. You’re now pissed. Every single thing that goes wrong in your day will be a much bigger deal.

“My toothpaste is almost out? WHAT THE HELL! Add it to the list of 4793 other things I have to do today!”

You burn your toast. You can’t find your car keys. Now you are running late. See the pattern?

Next time that happens, it would be best to look at the situation for exactly what it was: a clumsy, half-asleep, moment. “A negative mental attitude is so detrimental to your efforts that you are better off staying at home than venturing out into the world with it.” So think of something positive and move forward with your day. It’s not easy training your mind to do that. Until you do, skip watching Kourtney Kardashian watch a live birth before bed and recap your day. Try to spin anything negative into a positive. This is the best way to train your mind.

The law of attraction is a beautiful thing, Betties. Maybe you all think someone slipped a Valium into our coffee this morning. We’re not losing our minds. We’re trying to give you an understanding that your life can be exactly what you want it to be. The first step is opening your mind to the possibility that your thoughts aren’t where they should be.

We leave this quote with you:

“Ignore trivial circumstances in your relations with others; do not allow them to become controversies. Big people look past small insights” – Always ALWAYS remember this!


The Ultimate Betties