St. Valentine, we’re coming for you.

In less than a week one of the most popular and dreaded holidays will be upon us. That’s right; Valentine’s Day. If you are ten or younger, this holiday is great. It’s rather ridiculous for adults (in our opinion). Why have one day a year to express your love? How about bringing your better half flowers just because you feel like it? Maybe we sound slightly jaded here BUT we don’t want gifts based on obligation. No thank you.

Anyways…. We did a little research to dig up the “real” meaning of this holiday. Apparently there are a few different tales of who St. Valentine is; mysterious little fella. One legend states that he was a priest who served in third century Rome. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than men with wives. He outlawed marriage for young men. St. Valentine didn’t agree with this AT ALL. He went behind the emperors back and continued to marry young lovers in secret. Once this information surfaced the emperor ordered the saint be put to death.

To make a long story short, Betties. What we learned this week had no lasting impression on our anti-valentine’s day opinions. However, now we know who to thank for this god-awful holiday. The moment Steven Hawking confirms that time travel is in fact, real. We will be heading back to third century Rome and personally slapping St. Valentine across the face. We’re not kidding.


The Ultimate Betties



Man, Woman or Metrosexual?

[me-troh-sek-shoo-uh l]

1. A heterosexual, usually urban male who pays much attention to his personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle.

So everyone is throwing this ‘M’ word around like it’s some kind of bad thing. When you
look back at 40 or more years of our culture, think about all the snazzy outfits that have evolved from the 60s through the 70s and continue to this day. They are always changing but haven’t guys always cared about how cool they looked, even though they are duty bound not to admit it?

Most men are Metrosexual but few will admit it. If you’re on your way out the door to
work, to tennis, to the gym, going out with your buddies or on a date and you pause for a
moment at the front door and look at yourself in the mirror, you got to admit how you look
matters. Even if the look is a little different, you are indeed a member of the ‘M’ group, like it or not.

The modern day Metro. Plays a contact sport but still manages to keep up his appearance and look like a man.

The modern-day Metro. Plays a contact sport but still manages to keep up his appearance and look like a man.

It’s important to look your best. You only get one First Impression and we all know it
counts. Don’t get stuck on the label. A man who knows he wants to look good is not a sin. So man enjoy your newly found Metrosexuality!


The Ultimate Bob

A Bro’s Sexuality

The other day we saw a random Bob smackin’ the ass of the guy in front of him at the store. They clearly knew each other.. well we hope they did.

That act immediately made us think of when we were in middle school. Those crazy awkward years filled with braces and baby fat. When we first saw guys hugging and yelling “Love you bro” across the hallway. Back then we thought it was a little strange,’s like second nature. If we don’t hear most guys sharing their love affairs with their bros it’s almost assumed that they’re really not great friends.

This love that men in this century share is not an act of homosexuality, but rather of a strong bond and a secure sense of their own sexuality. Don’t get us wrong, there is a limit that can lead to an extreme case of a typical douche-bag, but that’s not where were going with this.

We just think it’s interesting how the term “macho” has changed. For starters, that word is not used much anymore, but when it was the first image that popped into your head was definitely an image of:


BTW..R.I.P. Randy Savage

In this decade, that word has been dismissed and the meaning of strong and manly plus  the look of guys doesn’t even seem to matter. Which, in all reality is great. Now, we just get the Bros, with “bro love” and “bro touch” (Urban Dictionary that one for a laugh).

The point is, even though the “bro” culture may not be as manly or socially acceptable to the older generations, we Betties accept our Bros and our Bobs just the same.

Love you all,

The Ultimate Betties

Our Language on the Move


Like so many other institutions, the dictionary business moves with trends and fads
which embed themselves into our culture. Our language moves with that process, sort of a diction evolution. Our language evolves to keep pace with our current conventions and cultural events. The newest version of the Oxford English Edition of the Dictionary has added about 1700 new words and meanings as we pull into 2013.

These words are great. Some are obvious (Man Cave and F-Bomb) and some quirky and remote like the one I heard on my 13 year old daughter’s fav radio show; A man being called a Mitch. The female version would be a bitch. Women run with Bitches, men with Mitches. It’s not yet made its way onto our list for the next dictionary edition but it is, I fear, eventually headed that way.


Our language is rich with opportunity to string great words together and make poetry
out of prose. Let’s take some pride in our spoken word. Words are awesome. I’m not high-
browing it here, but we should have some standards. I could not fathom using a dictionary,
even on line, where the words Vajazzle and Blootered were recognized and allowed to take up some space. So my final thought is that you go look them up and figure out what they mean. One’s a noun and the other an adjective…


Ultimate Bob


The Ultimate Holiday Party Musts

OK Betties – Get ready for a list of oober cute things you must have for your next holiday party. December’s filled with events and gatherings for friends and family. We want to make sure you are prepared for yours and have everyone leaving in absolute awe!

Decor: 206532332881675820_RTyEoaV6_c

Adorable Elf Napkin 








Paper Snowflakes









Grab small stockings to place inside drinking cups that will hold cutlery and a fun little candy cane treat for your guests!







Drinks & Treats:

211739619950075566_ZothEol5_c (1)

Hot Cocoa Dippers








Pomegranate Mojito







Peppermint Eggnog

Your party will surely be a hit with these goodies! If you have anything you would like to share with us, please do! We’re always looking for new ideas.


The Ultimate Betties

Be Kind

Every December, a story enters into my brain about a random ‘act of kindness‘ that a person decided to bestow upon our family about 18-20 years ago. Times were tough and my parents were struggling to raise three children under 10 especially at their young age of 28 and 30. One day, my parents went out to our old beat up Pinto that didn’t have much kick left it in to find an envelope in the front seat. Not sure what to think, they opened it and found $500 with a note instructing them to spend this money on our family for Christmas. Presents, a tree, lights, and whatever else one would need to make the holiday not go unnoticed for us children. To this day, we are not sure who it was that left that envelope. It was one of the best Christmases to date (at least for me) because I learned a valuable lesson.

I learned that being kind to others is very important. Every person is fighting their own battle. To be free from their past. To live in their present. And to create their future. We’re all in this journey together. If we can make it less stressful on each other, wouldn’t that make for a better world?

It’s easy to remember this during the holidays since we’re in a giving frame of mind. Being kind goes past December. Take baby steps. Hold a door open for someone. Smile at a stranger as you walk past them. Ask each person you converse with how their day is going. You will be shocked at the response. Kindness IS contagious.


We challenge you to start TODAY to make it a point to do something friendly to either a stranger or someone you know each day. We promise you will touch many lives by doing so!


If any Betties have stories like ours, please share! We love hearing how you have been affected by a person going out of their way to make you feel special.


The Ultimate Betties

The Ultimate Betty Giveaway












Betties —

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A Quick Favor

Hello All!

We just wanted to send you all a quick message asking for a huge favor. We work hard everyday on this blog to get our content available to everyone we possibly can. The great thing about blogs is that everyone can read them and if they care enough about what they have just read they will probably pass it along.

We know that when we read content on the web we share it with each other, our friends and our family. We ask that if you come across this post check out our full site and if you like what you see follow us! If you don’t (and that’s OK) maybe you know someone else who would like our stuff, pass it along. The more people we reach the better. Not because we’re trying to get this blog famous (though that would be ah-maaaay-zing!) we hope some of our posts help people. These Betties were born to help! , were also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, just search The Ultimate Betty or The Ult Betty.
Thanks again to all of you who do follow us, comment on or like our posts. It means a lot more to us than you probably realize.


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Dear Betty…

Dear Betty….

People say I look 10 years younger than I am.  That’s nice and no problem to hear that, but I feel guilty that I do absolutely nothing to keep it nice looking.  Some day my good skin genes from my dad’s side are gonna show me up for my real age.  Funny story:  I went in to Macy’s to the Clinique counter once and got a makeover, and the young girl asked me what my cleansing and moisturizing routine was (trying to choose the right formula for me).   I said  “Actually, nothing,” and she accused me of lying to her!  🙂

Now that my wedding is one month away, I want to know what you would advise on:  how does a person get a beauty routine down so that she does it day after day, night after night, without a second thought?  For me, it’s like pulling teeth.  In fact, I floss my teeth everyday, and I know a lot of people don’t.  So, I have the opposite problem.

Would you care to share with us what each of you do for your face care, please?  Oh, also, I am drinking lots of water to keep my skin beautiful.  🙂

Thank you Betties!

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Introducing: Dear Betty…

We have an exciting new addition to our site, Betties.

We’ve come across so many people asking questions on how we got started, who we are, or simply want our advice through comments. We’re not going to lie; going through comments and trying to figure out if they are spam or not is a timely matter. We decided it would be best to start a forum for all you Betties out there. We love hearing your input, but even more than that, we LOVE our followers and want to help you out in any way possible.

This will be completely anonymous, don’t worry! We are aware that there are topics you can’t go to your friends about. It’s no reason to end a friendship over. Simply go to our ‘Dear Betty…’ tab next to our ‘About Us’ section and VENT away. We will receive your comments through our blog e-mail (which we check multiple times a day).

Seriously, Betties. ANYTHING you want to discuss. Fashion, relationships, personal issues, suggestions about our site, recommendations for improvement, or just to chat. If there is any topic you wouldn’t want us to post on the site; please voice that in your comment to us. The last thing we want to do is embarrass anyone (even though it will be anonymous). We’re on YOUR side!

We hope to hear from you all!


The Ultimate Betties


Ladies, it’s that time of year again…. I know you are all thinking ‘Chanel, Burberry, and Givenchy‘ fall/winter line. Duh! Unfortunately, that is not what we mean.

No-Shave November is upon us.

You know, the time of year with our boyfriends ‘bro’ out with their other friends to see who can grow the more manly beard. We’re aware that this was originally started for a purpose. A great purpose actually. ‘Movember‘ was created to spread awareness to other men about prostate cancer. If only  men could broadcast the reasoning behind it more often. Instead, they post Facebook status updates and post Instagram pictures of their ever-growing bush on their face. Other dudes comment, “patchy brah”, “apparently you didn’t see your missed call from puberty ha”, or “weaksauce”. They revert back to their awkward thirteen year old self.

The funniest part of all is if a woman EVER said to a man, “It’s ‘No-Shave November Babe! Looks like I can throw away my razor! Tehehe” We would all be wondering this earth single, miserable, and worst of all…. HAIRY.

While a man who can grow facial hair is extremely sexy; it can get aggravating real quick. The rug-burn like kisses. Tickling sensation on your neck when they are being cute and brush up next to you. The constant scratching of their face. Keep calm. If growing a beard, drinking a Heineken, and watching NFL with their friends keeps them happy. Let it happen. In the meantime, you all can go rack up the AMEX at Chanel, Burberry, Versace, Givenchy, and wherever your heart desires. By the time they notice the bill, you will have paid it off and will snap necks until the snow melts off the ground.


The Ultimate Betties

Comfort Zone

AC DC Concert Stage (Montreal) - Colorful Lights

Friend: I have tickets to this sick concert, but so-and-so backed out…. do you want to come with me?

Betty 1: What night is it?

Friend: Tomorrow at 8pm. You in?

Betty 1: Sure, I’m off work at 6:30pm.

A friend offering up a FREE ticket to a concert on a whim? Hell yeah I’m in. Do I even care who it is? Not really. Well, maybe I should have asked before accepting their generous gift. The day of the concert arrives and a text message on the venue is received. That should have been the first clue! Letting the excitement take over, I continued to get ready. Make-up, sassy hair, the nicest pair of jeans a girl can own, and heels.

Entering the concert venue and seeing the crowd should have been another tip-off.. but nothing is clicking at this point. After walking up to the security guards who look at me as if I were an alien, they began to frisk me. That’s the most action I had seen in a couple of months. A neon flashing light “BEER & WINE” grabs my attention and immediately, I’m happy. I just made that security guards life, letting him get to second base. Three glasses of Chardonnay later, I meet up with the rest of my group. The look on their faces when they see my outfit is somewhat shocking. I think, ‘why are you dressed like you’re running errands.’ Everything clicks the moment we walk up four flights of stairs to the concert.

Bass Booming. Sneakers. Beanies. Booty Shorts, Half Shirts, and Heels. Beers spilling out of cups from what looks like 16 year olds consuming it. Where the hell am I? Oh… I’m at a RAP concert. Never in life have I ever been mortified. Not that I’m at a hip-hop concert, but that I’m dressed up for a night out in Vegas.

Friend: Girl, you okay?! You look like someone just ran over your cat.

Betty 1: Uhh… wouldn’t you get the same look when you notice your drink is empty? Where is the bar!?

Friend: Right over there (points in direction)

My friend was right. I was in complete and UTTER shock. The guy on stage had on a gas mask and a bullet proof vest. ‘Does he think he’s actually going to get shot? What if people here do have guns?’ Every single person in the venue looked like they were either a blood or crip. I’m also pretty sure I was the only skinny, white, blonde girl who owned a pair of Marc Jacob heels in a 10 mile radius. After the initial shock, I had one of the greatest nights of my life.

The point of this post, Betties is to embrace every single situation you are in with a positive attitude. I met some of the coolest people that night. Half way through the show, one of the five rappers asked to bring up six girls (all of different ethnicities) to get on stage and have a dance-off. One of the FUNNIEST things I had seen in a very long time. I learned quickly that the rapper and his posse were down-to-earth, normal, dudes that were having the time of their life. They were passionate, Intelligent, and hilarious. The type of people who I would enjoy hanging out with. In between each song, a member of the group would have a topic or message to share with the audience. Things I would never expect to hear from such a group. Walking out of the venue, I felt inspired. Strange but completely eye-opening.

Every situation your in is a learning experience. It taught me that less is more. If I would have known what concert it was I might have made an excuse to get out of going. Say ‘Yes‘ more. Open your mind to new experiences and new groups of people. It’s the first of the month, Betties. How do you want to spend it? Do you want to fill your brain with as much knowledge as possible? Continue on the path you’re on? We challenge you to do at least one thing this month you aren’t used to. Expand your horizons. We guarantee if you do that just ONCE, it will become addicting. It’s the only way to grow as a person.

What have you done before that completely changed your outlook on a situation, group, stereo-type, etc? We want to hear it!!

Happy November!


The Ultimate Betties

Office Space

Happy Monday!

For the independent, hard-working, Betty’s — We all know how it feels to find yourself in a situation that mirrors a scene from Office Space. Aside from this movie being a comedy classic; it’s also the most dead-on movie. If you’ve ever worked in an office you hate the following:

  1. Copy Machines – You would think that in 2011 the supply manager could actually take that 2 grand and buy a functioning machine, but no. You find yourself daily wanting to take out your anger on it with a bat.
  2. Peppy Patty – We all have one of these. Description: Usually a woman (if it’s a man, this is even worse) who finds herself/himself overjoyed by being at work, loves socializing and knows too much about every single person that works for your company. This is the person that you’d find quoting “looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!”. Although, you never break your Betty and politely smile as peppy patty walks away, you really want to strong-arm-a-ho.
  3. Office Perv Talk – Every office has a perv. In some cases, multiple pervs. There’s nothing worse than getting an earful of their weekend rendezvous. You would think MAYBE just MAYBE they would censor themselves. Of course not. Office pervs WANT you to know how they “banged the $%^@ out of that silicon-ed bronzed babe”. Gag-me.
  4. ‘Mental Health Day’ Lecture – God forbid you take a day off to sleep-in, veg on the couch and catch up on your favorite trashy reality shows, and run all of the errands you can’t during business hours (more vegging-less errand running). No one likes to be working and look over at your empty cubicle. They start day dreaming of all the fabulous things you’re doing like being fanned by a hot Brazilian cabana boy while sipping on a margarita. NEWS FLASH: I’m on my couch in my boyfriends shirt and boxers, no make-up, a green tea mask peeling from my face and my mouth is filled with every snack I can grab. Not the most glorious image, but they still are out to get you. You walk in the next day looking refreshed and better than ever to have your bubble burst faster than you can click “CLOCK IN”.

This all sounds extremely awful. Who would ever put themselves in this position 8 hours a day 5 days a week? The Betty that knows in five years she’ll be writing the office perv’s paychecks and firing peppy patty the first chance she gets. All the while, laughing her sweet little tush all the way to the bank. Climb that ladder Betty’s. It’s a much more beautiful view from the top.


The Ultimate Betties

Thanks to fads …


Thanks to fads such as Instagram and Pinterest a person who suffers from Insomnia has no remedy. These sites are worse than Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter combined. Clearly, the three creators of Pinterest also have severe ADHD. One minute you’re looking at ways to get a stain out of your favorite blouse.

“Oh! Mixing car oil and baking soda will get that out?”

I mean WHO in the world has the time to mix different household items and test it out on random things? Of course, it’s much appreciated, but slightly perturbing. I know everyone is so over the “Well, in this economy…” but people have way more time on their hands. To you all, we thank you. If it wasn’t for you, we’d be staring at the dark ceiling to cope with our insomnia, or worse… eating.

I’d say the highlight of it all is the endless quotes you come across.

“Don’t talk bad about your husband. to anyone. Ever.”

Or what?

I’ll get murdered? The person will tell him? Is this not common sense? Should we really talk badly about ANYONE? Let alone the person we fell in love with. Real philosophical. Thank you for wasting 7 minutes out of your day to find scrap paper, a sharpie, and write out that amazingly helpful unintelligent quote. If you’re connected through Facebook…. which let’s face it. We all are. You get the joy of seeing who re-pins these gems or even better who CREATED them.

On a day when you really need some uplifting thoughts go to the quote category. It will make you think. On a day you want to laugh your ass off. Go to the quote category. You will, indeed, laugh your ass off.

Nevertheless, we Betties with insomnia thrive off sites like these. So, thank you Creators! Maybe someone soon can come up with a site that will make you fall asleep after browsing it for 5 minutes. That would be VERY beneficial.


The Ultimate Betties

Today’s Update: Hipsters

“You used to be able to tell the difference between hipsters and homeless people. Now, it’s between hipsters and retards. I mean, either that guy in the corner in orange safety pants holding a protest sign and wearing a top hat is mentally disabled or he is the coolest fucking guy you will ever know.”

― Chuck Klosterman

Seriously though, I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of men with scruffy beards, attire that costs more than your rent but ultimately looks like they went dumpster diving, and their stoic demeanor toward life. I’m all for free expression, but come on…this is now a trend. You are no longer ‘unique’, you are a part of the crowd. Everyone with an iPhone has ‘Instagram’ – let’s face it, it takes a horrible picture and makes it looks decent. A long come the hipsters and ruin a good fucking thing. I don’t need to see your sixteen ‘Instagram’ updates of your Starbucks coffee cup, New York’s top-selling book, and your legs crossed so we can see your $200 John Varvatos. No one is impressed. Get a life. Get a job. Why are you at Starbucks reading a god damn book at 11am on a Tuesday?

On the flip side, some hipsters ARE the coolest fucking people I know. They are extremely intelligent, laid-back, and they clearly don’t care to get a little dirty. I mean…. look at their clothes. They enjoy getting black out wasted at festivals as they bounce around to Mumford & Sons (KEY POINT: blacked out) I’m all for that. All I can really ask is that the hipster community tone down their attitudes. Stop living in denial. You probably graduated from a community college with a 2.0. Your intellectual book isn’t fooling anyone. So I want opinions, feedback, funny stories on this wacked out community….

I leave you with this

penny fears kindles because “then how are people going to know what you’re reading?”



The Ultimate Betties