Catfishing Mondays

It’s Monday night which means fresh episodes of ‘Catfish‘; a Betties favorite MTV hit series. For those of you who don’t know – the show is a spin-off from the movie ‘Catfish’ released in 2010. Two young men help people meet their online love interests.

Nine times out of ten the people behind their Facebook profiles aren’t who they say they are. Whether it’s to seek revenge or feel accepted; every person has a unique story.

Of course delusion is the first word that comes to mind while watching each episode. In the back of their mind, don’t they wonder – is this real? Especially if they have never spoken to this person on the phone. It’s 2013, everybody and their dog has a cell phone.  Even if they question it they still see it through. It makes us believe there’s some hope in this world. The positive side to this show is how much hope and faith these youngsters have in love. It’s actually quite cute. It shows our world isn’t completely jaded.

We personally commend  participants on the show. It’s heart wrenching to watch the disappointment. However, we think you should all be cautious of online dating. Everybody seems interesting and fabulous behind a computer screen. Your imagination creates the person you want. Let’s get back to being confident enough to seek out love the old-fashioned way. Face-to-face.


The Ultimate Betties


Men and Manicures: When is Much Just Too Much?

First things first, I’m a bit uncomfortable with the title of “The Ultimate Bob”.  Bob is a tiny bit too masculine for me, so let’s stick with something a tiny bit more attractive.  Just call me … “The Ultimate Bobby”.  We’ll go with that.  Speaking of masculinity (see what I did there?), that’s kind of what I’d like to talk about: men and manicures.
Personally, I don’t mind men getting manicured, in fact I’m one of those who gets them.  However, I find that most people, men and women collectively, disapprove or find humor in men getting manicured.  We live in the year 2013, and gender roles and their relevance are on their way out.  So it’s hard for me to believe that this proves to be an issue today.  Are men and manicures just too much?  My answer: No.
There are several reasons why:
1) It’s hygienic, an important trait in the work place AND in a relationship
2) It improves the strength of the nail itself
3) It’s shiny!
4) It shows that the man is comfortable enough with himself, and he’s open-minded
5) It’s shiny!!!!
So when you’re looking at a Bob with pristine nails, don’t pass judgement on him.  Instead, praise the Bob for his hygiene and for his open-mindedness.  Besides, don’t we all want a man who cares just a TINY bit about what he looks like?  Is it not true that any good Bob always wants to look his best?
So Betties [and Bobs], men and manicures aren’t too much, they’re just enough.  I’d be more worried if they’re enjoying some retail therapy and asking how your older brother is — THAT’s too much.
By the way, HOW is your brother?  😉
“The Ultimate Bobby”

Our Top 10 Gift Ideas for Him.


Today we will be showcasing our top 10 gift ideas for him all under…$100 and all from very well may be our new favorite website!)

1. Outdoor Survival Crate. $79.99. Perfect for the adventure man!

2. Bootleg Whiskey Barrel Kit. $99.99. For the Whiskey drinkers.

3. Old School Shaving Kit. $44.95. Awesome idea for the father in your life.

4. Trunk-it: Golf Gear Case. $29.99. For the every-weekend golfer.

5. World Class Cigars. $29.99. 20 cigar samples.

6. Variety of the Month Club. $94.85. 3-6-12 month subscription to a gourmet gift of the month club.

7. Custom Cell Phone Skins. $14.95. Take a favorite picture and have it transformed into a skin for your phone that is sure to be one-of-a-kind.

8. Personalized Family History Crest. $74.99. Perfect find for the history lover or deep-rooted family man.

9. Personalized Coupon Book. $9.95. For the romantics.

10. Makey Makey. $40.00. This one must be checked out, especially for the electronics lover!

Betties, these are only 10 of hundreds of ideas from Check it out and let us know if you are going to buy any of these ideas we’ve given you.

Check back with us tomorrow for the top 10 gifts for women!


The Ultimate Betty

P.s. Check out This is Why I’m Broke, for other unique gifts for him!

The Ultimate Holiday Party Musts

OK Betties – Get ready for a list of oober cute things you must have for your next holiday party. December’s filled with events and gatherings for friends and family. We want to make sure you are prepared for yours and have everyone leaving in absolute awe!

Decor: 206532332881675820_RTyEoaV6_c

Adorable Elf Napkin 








Paper Snowflakes









Grab small stockings to place inside drinking cups that will hold cutlery and a fun little candy cane treat for your guests!







Drinks & Treats:

211739619950075566_ZothEol5_c (1)

Hot Cocoa Dippers








Pomegranate Mojito







Peppermint Eggnog

Your party will surely be a hit with these goodies! If you have anything you would like to share with us, please do! We’re always looking for new ideas.


The Ultimate Betties

Eyes: 86 Black Circles

OK Betties, it’s now Tuesday. You got through the fateful Monday and your week is progressing until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wonder where those dark circles came from.

Trust, this Betty gets plenty of sleep but my hours are awful, I work nights and truthfully I don’t think it matters what hours you sleep as long as you get 8 hours a night on average.

Here’s the thing, if you get enough sleep what are the other solutions, besides make-up?

1. The standard cucumber method or one of those masks you can place in the fridge/freezer, placed especially underneath the eye.

2. Used, cool tea bags. Rest them on your eyes.

3. Keep hydrated! Water is MUST!

If none of those work out, it’s time to break out the wallet.

4. The black circles could very well be the cause of allergies.

  • “To determine why your circles happen, gently stretch the skin under your eyes. If that area becomes darker, the circles are probably due to genetics or aging. If the color doesn’t change, UV rays or allergies are probably the cause.” –

5. If thin skin is the issue, use a collagen building cream. (ROC products at local drugstores)

6. If it could be caused by a vascular problem, use two pillows under your head at night.

For quick circle camouflage: apply eye cream and let it dry for a few minutes. Then pat on a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone. Top with a layer of loose powder, which helps prevent makeup from caking in creases.”

Now that you know these easy tips, you better be the best looking Betties in that office tomorrow!

The Ultimate Betties

The Ultimate Betty Giveaway












Betties —

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Once either site has accumulated our 100th follower a prize will be given to that person!

Tell all of your friends!!! This giveaway is not something you want to miss out on

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A Quick Favor

Hello All!

We just wanted to send you all a quick message asking for a huge favor. We work hard everyday on this blog to get our content available to everyone we possibly can. The great thing about blogs is that everyone can read them and if they care enough about what they have just read they will probably pass it along.

We know that when we read content on the web we share it with each other, our friends and our family. We ask that if you come across this post check out our full site and if you like what you see follow us! If you don’t (and that’s OK) maybe you know someone else who would like our stuff, pass it along. The more people we reach the better. Not because we’re trying to get this blog famous (though that would be ah-maaaay-zing!) we hope some of our posts help people. These Betties were born to help! , were also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, just search The Ultimate Betty or The Ult Betty.
Thanks again to all of you who do follow us, comment on or like our posts. It means a lot more to us than you probably realize.


The Ultimate Betties

Introducing: Dear Betty…

We have an exciting new addition to our site, Betties.

We’ve come across so many people asking questions on how we got started, who we are, or simply want our advice through comments. We’re not going to lie; going through comments and trying to figure out if they are spam or not is a timely matter. We decided it would be best to start a forum for all you Betties out there. We love hearing your input, but even more than that, we LOVE our followers and want to help you out in any way possible.

This will be completely anonymous, don’t worry! We are aware that there are topics you can’t go to your friends about. It’s no reason to end a friendship over. Simply go to our ‘Dear Betty…’ tab next to our ‘About Us’ section and VENT away. We will receive your comments through our blog e-mail (which we check multiple times a day).

Seriously, Betties. ANYTHING you want to discuss. Fashion, relationships, personal issues, suggestions about our site, recommendations for improvement, or just to chat. If there is any topic you wouldn’t want us to post on the site; please voice that in your comment to us. The last thing we want to do is embarrass anyone (even though it will be anonymous). We’re on YOUR side!

We hope to hear from you all!


The Ultimate Betties


Ladies, it’s that time of year again…. I know you are all thinking ‘Chanel, Burberry, and Givenchy‘ fall/winter line. Duh! Unfortunately, that is not what we mean.

No-Shave November is upon us.

You know, the time of year with our boyfriends ‘bro’ out with their other friends to see who can grow the more manly beard. We’re aware that this was originally started for a purpose. A great purpose actually. ‘Movember‘ was created to spread awareness to other men about prostate cancer. If only  men could broadcast the reasoning behind it more often. Instead, they post Facebook status updates and post Instagram pictures of their ever-growing bush on their face. Other dudes comment, “patchy brah”, “apparently you didn’t see your missed call from puberty ha”, or “weaksauce”. They revert back to their awkward thirteen year old self.

The funniest part of all is if a woman EVER said to a man, “It’s ‘No-Shave November Babe! Looks like I can throw away my razor! Tehehe” We would all be wondering this earth single, miserable, and worst of all…. HAIRY.

While a man who can grow facial hair is extremely sexy; it can get aggravating real quick. The rug-burn like kisses. Tickling sensation on your neck when they are being cute and brush up next to you. The constant scratching of their face. Keep calm. If growing a beard, drinking a Heineken, and watching NFL with their friends keeps them happy. Let it happen. In the meantime, you all can go rack up the AMEX at Chanel, Burberry, Versace, Givenchy, and wherever your heart desires. By the time they notice the bill, you will have paid it off and will snap necks until the snow melts off the ground.


The Ultimate Betties

Weekly Comparisons: Vitamin E Vs. Vaseline

Let’s talk about our face. That thing that ultimately shows our age no matter how old or young you decidedly would like to dress. If you were blessed with a young-looking face, embrace it, you’re lucky, just trust us. As we Betties get older, we want to preserve our skin! In this week’s comparison we are going to compare Vitamin E and Petroleum Jelly, better known as Vaseline.

A little story from one of us: a few years ago, maybe back in high school when we Betties were the coolest (or so we thought) I saw my mom try something that I will never forget. She got out of the shower, clipped her bangs back and cut the top off of a Vitamin E capsule. She then took the ooey-gooey gel inside the capsule and put it all over her face like a mud mask. Now, I was intrigued. Her face looked so slimy and uncomfortable, I of coursed laughed like the little brat I was but like I said I never forgot it. Time to time I think about when she would do that and all she would tell me is how good it was supposed to be for your face.

After doing some research on the old, world-wide web and reading other people’s opinions I decided to give it a try. But first let me explain what most have said;

1. The most common opinion given was that taking the capsule by mouth is more effective that rubbing the gel directly on your face.

2. Many said they have heard of this technique but have never tried it

3. This opinion we liked the most; a lot of people said they used the gel from the capsule as a spot treatment for scars.

When we tried it: To make this a weekly comparison, I also read a lot about putting Petroleum Jelly on your face before bed and how great it was at preserving your skin. So, we decided to give this a try too.

Petroleum Jelly and capsules of Vitamin E

Vitamin E: “found naturally in some foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement.” It is a fat-soluble antioxidant and it has been stated that it can have a potential to promote health and prevent and treat disease. Basically, you should be taking it no matter what. Many people take it because it is known for helping hair and nails grow and great for your skin.

Petroleum Jelly: Vaseline, as it is better known, is a great substance for healing dry skin. It also: helps protect minor scrapes, cuts and burns, wind burn and chapping (we always use it for chap stick if we don’t have any handy!) The last use is what we didn’t know prior, it helps reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines. HELLO PEOPLE, WRINKLES!!

The difference: Since, this is our first attempt at either, we do not have the final answer. However, we will update you on how the continued use of the vitamin E works for scars.

  • Let us forewarn you, the feeling of either on your face is not a pleasant one. However, on two different nights we tried each one. The jelly was a lot thinner and not as bad as we had assumed, it was absorbed after a little while and we woke up the next morning with our faces feeling smooth and refreshed.
  • The Vitamin E was very thick and did not smell like roses, that’s for sure. We put that on our faces and let it soak in.

*This weekly comparison is one that will be ongoing, the effects of both can not be immediately seen over just one use.

All in All: We have used the Vaseline on our faces again since the first time and will continue to use it for a long while as we feel it will definitely help our skin stay young and refreshed. As far as the Vitamin E goes, we will use that as scar spot treatment and see how that progresses!

Please let us know if you know anything about the lasting effects of either product, we would love to learn more! Until next time, stay young Betties!


The Ultimate Betties

Weekly Comparisons: Say Yes Vs. Clean and Clear

Happy Tuesday Betties!

How many times have you washed your face with one of those cleansers and after you dried your face it felt increasingly tight? Have you tried way too many face washes and none seem to make you feel like the models in the commercials look? Well, we Betties are no different. At one time or another we’re all suckers for the bright packaging and just like cellulite creams claim,” the overnight be-goners”. Clear and clean skin is an absolute must for us and we want to share our experiences with two different face washes we have tried recently. In this weeks Weekly Comparisons we are going to look at Clean and Clear’s Deep Action Cream Cleanser versus Say Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser.

Clean and Clear products are a staple, it’s almost the go to face cleanser. So, that is what has been gracing our sink counters and showers for awhile now. A few weeks ago, the brand Say Yes To came into our lives and we decided to give it a try. Both of these Betties have dealt with a little bit of acne back in our high school days, so we are always trying new things. What we are comparing here is not the exact same as an acne cleanser. (BTW, both lines carry an acne line, which is amazing!) Since our horrid days we just try and keep our skin as fresh as possible.

We will start with Say Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser. You know that feeling when you wash your face with soap? Yeah, it’s never really good afterwards. You need dollops of greasy lotion to make it feel semi-normal again? Not with this stuff. We could not believe the sensation our faces felt after just the first time using it, no lotion necessary afterwards. It is 98% natural and its key ingredients are Green tea and Soy protein. Free of: parabens (preservatives), phthalates (an industrial chemical used in many cosmetics) and SLS (a detergent useful for removing grease). After looking up what these terms meant, it really made us think about what kind of chemicals are in our everyday beauty products. So to that, the Say Yes line is a little more expensive than Clean and Clear but it’s completely worth it.

  • Say Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleansers was voted MVP 2012(Most Valuable Product) in Redbook Magazine.
  • $8.99 Retail/6 Oz bottle
  • Hypoallergenic/Non-irritating
  • For sensitive skin types

Say Yes has four different lines, click the link for more information or to buy their products.

Now for the Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser. Despite our previous statements, C&C is not bad nor should it be thrown out, you paid for it, right? C&C is made by trusted Johnson & Johnson and their following is huge! It is less expensive and for the most part still gets the job done. We did notice that tight sensation after we washed and dried our faces though, and if that is a big thing for you, I’d avoid this C&C product. We cannot speak for all of their products however.

  • OK to use twice a day
  • For normal or oily skin
  • Oil Free
  • $4.00-$5.99 in most drug stores/6.5 Oz bottle

Click here for Clean and Clear’s website!

Overall, these Betties would go with the Say Yes line, but the rest is up to you. We hope you enjoy whatever products you may use and stay away from all those chemicals!

As Always,

The Ultimate Betties XO

Step-by-Step Sundays: Peroxide – The Everything Solution!

Hello Betties!

Today, we are going to share our personal favorite solution, which helps in almost any way imaginable: Hydrogen Peroxide! HP is a non-lung irritant making it more safe to use almost anywhere in your home. Do you want to gradually lighten your hair color without that burnt orange color? Perhaps, you want to whiten you teeth(I mean who wouldn’t want to do that)!? Or maybe you just want something that really cleans the grime from you kitchen counters. Well, we’ve got the tips for you!

*Acne: This one is separate from all the others listed simply because it isn’t hydrogen peroxide it is called benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is an organic compound also part of the peroxide family. It is a cream and can be picked up at any drug store for around $6.00 (It also comes in a pill, but requires a prescription). Use a cotton ball and dab it on your face up to twice daily. Side Effect: it will quickly dry out your skin, use a fragrance-free and non-hypoallergenic moisturizer to help keep your face hydrated.

*For your hair: This is a personal fave of the these Betties. Use the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. 1 part water 1 part HP about a 1/2 cup each. Use a spray bottle and spray into hair after the shower, comb through. Over the next couple of weeks your hair will gradually lighten and look natural compared to just using peroxide and getting that bright orange hue.

*For your teeth: Same solution for the teeth, the 3% solution, can be used as not only a teeth whitener but a mouthwash as well. This one can be used in a couple different ways; by put the solution right on your toothbrush to clean/disinfect the bristles, swishing around the half hp/half water solution or just the HP by itself for about 5 minutes a day. This gradually lightens the color of your teeth and helps kill the germs and bacteria in your mouth, which include those killer canker sores.

*Scratches/Scrapes: It may sting a little but putting HP on the abrasion and letting it sit and bubble for just a few minutes will really help the healing process.

And now cleaning for all of you greenies!

*To whiten your white clothes: Use instead of bleach to avoid that harsh bleach smell. Note: Do not pour directly onto clothes.

*Sanitize your kitchen surfaces by using the 50/50 formula in a spray bottle.

*Use on your cutting board, especially after cutting raw meat, to avoid transferring any diseases.

*Cleaning kids toys by putting HP in a spray bottle or on a rag.

*Use anywhere in the bathroom: toilet bowl, toilet seat, sinks, counters, and the bathtub. It is also a great grout cleaner.

So there you have it Betties, please let us know if you try any of these and how they worked out for you!


The Ultimate Betties