The Power of Positive Thought

We, we’re into the New Year and our resolutions have faded or are fading fast, so what’s new? You look around and see the evidence of your failure in the empty, discarded fast food bag or bags on the floor of your car. It goes that way, so much for getting in shape with that new gym membership.

It’s not too late to revise and revisit your resolution and save it from the dust heap. How do I do that you ask? Actually it’s quite simple, first put down that TV remote and listen. Resolutions are promises we fool ourselves into making with the transition into the New Year. Like any promise, they can and are be easily broken or waved off. The success rate for changing comfortable behaviors with a spoken promise is quite low.

​As an Ultimate Bob, we want to maximize each day and each opportunity which we come across in our daily travels. Rather than make a promise, let’s each take a breath and envision a new way to change our lives or at least our behaviors. Instead of saying, I’m going to the gym to work out, ride the Lifecycle and get in shape, look forward and see what you will look like and feel after several months of discipline. See the change you want to become. Envision yourself with a smaller waistline, bigger biceps and more prominent triceps.

Close your eyes and see you running each morning, visualize yourself with a slimmer sculpted waistline, in better shape enjoying a more robust energy level and feeling better about yourself. The key is to visualize what it is you want to become.

The constant visualization will not just motivate you; it will reinforce that which you wish to become. The power of your will is far greater than you realize. Trust yourself in that vision, close your eyes and dare to dream the new You into being.


The Ultimate Bob



What did you learn this week?

This week came with a very important lesson attached.

I heard this quote from a stranger this week and it opened up my eyes to a whole new way of looking at life.

“Life is not always black and white..there are always shades of grey,” is what she told me. It hit me like a brick to face because she actually hit the nail on the head. Sometimes in life we try so hard because we want something so bad and when that something doesn’t work we feel like it’s hopeless. It’s never hopeless.


We all have a way of looking at life: some of us are planners, some are drifters and some are doers, the planners have the hardest time with this. People enter our lives for a reason and occurrences happen throughout life to teach us a lesson. Let those situations and lessons be your “grey.”

Regardless, we all have our struggles. As long as you go through each day realizing that things will not always go your way and knowing that it is OK. You’ll be just fine, just keep your head held high.


The Ultimate Betties