Sorry Harry!


By now everyone and their mother know royalty has been born. If you don’t know the deets we have some for you. A prince was born yesterday at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. He weighed in at 8.6 pounds and he is now third in line for the throne.

After hearing about this yesterday we got down to talking about how the line of royalty works. And all we have to say is it sucks for Prince Harry, he no longer has a chance and we find that kind of sad. Since the child is a boy Harry automatically gets passed over and this child could hold the throne at a very young age.

“No one can tell what political and personal changes the intervening years will bring, but the baby can be expected to become the head of state of 16 countries, including Britain, Australia and Canada. The child will also eventually become Supreme Governor of the Church of England.” Read more:

We congratulate William and Kate and hope they can raise their child is as much peace as possible.

Now back to breeding Kardashians.


The Ultimate Betties


It seems that when celebrities spotlight starts fading the one thing that enters their mind is: sex tape. From Kim Kardashian to the bratty Teen Mom, Farrah.. everyone seems to have one. Whether they say it was hidden, leaked, or if they actually just made one to get some extra dinero; it’s still disgusting.

First off, if you are a celebrity and don’t have any prior videos made – you shouldn’t think now is a good time. That’s your first mistake. Secondly, if you did have a video pre-fame you need to take care of that ASAP. We are so sick of reading these BREAKING NEWS articles about who decided to come out with a sex tape. It’s pathetic, a bad example, and quite frankly…. annoying.

Just because you are famous you think everyone will want to see you doing the mattress mambo? NO! If you enjoy doing that – go get a job in the industry. Don’t try to make a video so you can up your bank account amount.

We want YOUR thoughts.

Top 10 Faves on Insta

We are no different than you: we are just as tapped into Instagram as the rest. We chose our top ten favorite profiles! Definitely take a look and follow them. You will not regret it.

1. Alana Blanchard – Model/ Surfer
2. Hypebeast – Online Fashion Magazine
3. Nasty Gal – New & Vintage Clothing
4. Insomniac Events – EDM
5. NYC Street Art – Graffiti in NYC
6. Black Milk Clothing – Leggings
7. The Ultimate Fitness – Fitness Blog
8. Birchbox – Beauty Products
9. Victoria’s Secret – Lingerie
10. Pasqula Rotella – Owner of Insomniac Events

The Ultimate Betties

Spring Breakers

OK..soo saw the movie Spring Breakers last night and had to write a little something up for it.


Ever since we heard about this movie, months ago, we have wanted to see it. James Franco plays a “sensitive” drug hustler named Alien, complete with guns, money and a grill.

Basically the teen queens: Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine rob a bank to fund money for their Spring Break trip down in Miami. Once there, they party harder than Lindsay Lohan on a daily basis.

They end up finding themselves in the slammer and are forced to either fork-up the money or spend a few more days in jail. A very “thug” Franco bails them out and pretty much enlists them into his lifestyle. Cameo by Gucci Mane. “Burr”

Truth be told, the movie was not great. Not that we were surpised but we did expect more of a story line. Franco’s performance was pretty entertaining to say the least, he definitely gave us a few laughs. If you were interested in seeing it, hope we didn’t just ruin it for you.

Wait for DVD.


The Ultimate Betties

Is she really a whale?

Ok, we have to get this off our chests because honestly it’s ridic.

Leave Kim Kardashian’s maternity style and her weight gain alone, for two different reasons:

1. She’s pregnant people, she’s going to gain weight. Shit happens. Yeah, maybe she doesn’t portray it entirely well, but she’s doing her own thing and we respect her for that.

2. There is SO much going on in the world than what she’s wearing today and how many rolls shes developed since Kanye’s seed has been implanted.

Bad choice.

Bad choice.

We admit some of her choices are not the best but why should we give a flying rat’s ass? If any of you are ever pregnant and in the spotlight constantly, then you may complain. Other than that, move on. Read a book, do something productive with your life.

Over it.


The Ultimate Betties

What We Learned This Week

Teen Mom‘s Leah Calvert must have a  p—- made of gold, oops, we meant to say ‘heart’ – a HEART of gold. On this weeks episode of Teen Mom 2: So hard to say good-bye, we had an epiphany.

20 something year old Leah Calvert must be doing something right. Either in the bedroom (our guess) or just has the greatest heart in the world. How can a girl (who gave back her engagement ring to rekindle love with baby daddy) pull off getting that ring back only a week later when she realizes her ex doesn’t want to commit? I’m not sure if it’s a backwoods thing, but I don’t know one male who would put up with that BS.

We want your thoughts! Guys – would you put up with these games? Ladies – do you agree or disagree with what she is doing? Let us know!


The Ultimate Betties

YouTube Hump Day

Happy Hump Day Betties and Bobs!

We apologize for lateness in posting today, but we couldn’t leave you hanging on the edge of your computer chair. Here are 3 of our favorite videos that will either brighten up the end of your work day or will have you laughing right off that bar-stool. Enjoy!

We will be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled smart ass posts:)


The Ultimate Betties


Wipeout Wednesday: RHOH

RHOH = Real Husbands of Hollywood. Have you seen it? Well, you should.

If you’re in tune with this decade you know exactly who Kevin Hart is and if not “you gonna learn today.” Essentially it’s a requirement of all Betties and Bob’s, so get on it.

Most of you have either seen or heard of the Real Housewives franchise, if you couldn’t tell by the title, RHOH would be the parody. Where Kevin Hart plays a heightened version of himself and stars alongside other real-life celebrities like Nelly, J.B. Smoove, Duane Martin, Robin Thicke and Nick Cannon.


The show is based on the “successful wives” of the these husbands who in reality, are much more famous than any of their wives. It is filmed with simplicity and an improvised touch, similar to a Curb Your Enthusiasm. There is sure to be enough talent in this show to make even the hardest of critics laugh.

Even if you don’t have an on-demand button on your remote, you won’t get lost if you’re just starting to tune in.

The show airs on Tuesday nights on B.E.T. at 10 p.m. definitely worth a watch. Let us know what you think!


The Ultimate Betties


Bang with Friends?

We have already discussed how ‘social media ruins relationships‘. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and the latest obsession; Instagram had made things much more complicated. Just as we thought things could not get worse- THEY DID.

An app that connects you, using your Facebook profile to see which friends find you bang-able has been created. ‘Bang with Friends’ allows you to choose which friends on Facebook you want to mattress mambo. The only time that person is aware of your dirty little crush is if they feel you’re bang-able. Once this has been established an email is sent to both parties.

The rest is up to YOU.
Here we are again. In the midst of another outlet we have to worry about. It will be interesting to see what consequences come from launching of ‘Bang With Friends’.
What are your thoughts? Does this worry you? Disgust you? Simply intrigue you? Share your thoughts!
The Ultimate Betties

A Bro’s Sexuality

The other day we saw a random Bob smackin’ the ass of the guy in front of him at the store. They clearly knew each other.. well we hope they did.

That act immediately made us think of when we were in middle school. Those crazy awkward years filled with braces and baby fat. When we first saw guys hugging and yelling “Love you bro” across the hallway. Back then we thought it was a little strange,’s like second nature. If we don’t hear most guys sharing their love affairs with their bros it’s almost assumed that they’re really not great friends.

This love that men in this century share is not an act of homosexuality, but rather of a strong bond and a secure sense of their own sexuality. Don’t get us wrong, there is a limit that can lead to an extreme case of a typical douche-bag, but that’s not where were going with this.

We just think it’s interesting how the term “macho” has changed. For starters, that word is not used much anymore, but when it was the first image that popped into your head was definitely an image of:


BTW..R.I.P. Randy Savage

In this decade, that word has been dismissed and the meaning of strong and manly plus  the look of guys doesn’t even seem to matter. Which, in all reality is great. Now, we just get the Bros, with “bro love” and “bro touch” (Urban Dictionary that one for a laugh).

The point is, even though the “bro” culture may not be as manly or socially acceptable to the older generations, we Betties accept our Bros and our Bobs just the same.

Love you all,

The Ultimate Betties

Most Fascinating Person 2012

People, we live in a sad world when a 7-year-old reality star is considered for such an honor as: Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person of the Year.

In this day and age we get it, entertainment rules everything. However, when more people watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo than the presidential debate.. that’s sad.

If you don’t know Honey Boo Boo, her real name is Alana Thompson. Her TV debut came from the show Toddlers and Tiaras, you know the show where parents dress their 3-7 year old girls like mini-prostitutes? (Sorry we’re not sorry). Well from there came Alana, her mother the “Coupon Queen” and the rest of the family on her spin-off show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Here’s the thing, we don’t hate this little girl and her family we just don’t like and understand why this is what Americans have succumb to for their entertainment. If one little girl who drinks “Go-Go Juice” (a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew, which her mom provides) to get her hyped for pageants can make it on TV than why not anyone in this country. How about we spend that money on things we actually need in this economy. Anyways we got our rant out, enough about her.

Last year for example, Barbara Walters picked the late Steve Jobs for her most Fascinating Person..job well done Barb. We bet most of you are reading this on your Mac Books and iPhone’s too, ha.

Every December Walters produces a list of 10 people, celebrities, groups, politicians, etc. and has a brief interview with each then picks her favorite. In the running this year along with Honey Boo Boo are; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, One Direction, Ben Affleck, Olympian Gabby Douglas, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Prince Harry,Director of the CIA David Petraeus and Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James. That’s a solid list and we totally get why 9 of the 10 made the cut. Clearly she picks based on who brought the top stories and entertainment to the world this year.

Furthermore, the show airs tonight on ABC and the word around the web is that David Petraeus, the general who had an affair with his biographer, is the winner. He was also crowned the title in 2010.

Our top 3 picks from that list would have been: Seth MacFarlane, E.L. James or Chris Christie.

Betties, let us know what you think about the list, do you agree with the choices and the winner?


The Ultimate Betties

Monday Blues

First, we want to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to all the past, present and future Veterans of the glorious country of ours. Though yesterday was the recognized holiday, today is the off-from-work holiday. Be thankful! Not only for the Vets but because of them you now have this day off. But unlike those of you that are sleeping in all day, some of us still have the recurring Monday Blues.

We can define MONDAY BLUES as:
“The low-spirited, cool, annoyed, sad, unlucky mood of those workers, students, or employees who feel that a mundane, difficult, unexpected weekday is arriving to force them into going back to work, killing their joys and annoying them.”

It’s funny, we actually found this as we were surfing the web this not so lovely Monday morning. Check out the breakdown here. It will take an extra 5-10 minutes off of doing what you’re actually supposed to be doing!

Not so into.. Monday, Betties? We know all-too-well how you feel, but what’s better than a good laugh on a miserable Monday? We have found one of the most-viewed and top-rated videos to hopefully make you smile just like it did for us.

We feel with this adorable baby, Biggie makes everything better..clearly!

Hope we made your day a little brighter. Let us know what your favorite YouTube video is or what you do to help your Monday Blues?


The Ultimate Betties