a Seacret from us to you

Growing up as cute little girls we were taught to stay away from anything gross… (bugs, messy food, dirt, and MUD). As we grow older, the beauty industry tells us Mud is a good thing. One of the biggest contradictions of life! Ha kidding. If you are like us, you have tried almost every facial product that is on the market. We have found ones we loathe and ones we love. Here’s a mud mask that has won over our hearts. Never again will we be searching for a different brand; we introduce you to Seacret.

If you haven’t heard, they use minerals from the Dead Sea. The exact same sea that Cleopatra had her husband fight for because she couldn’t go without these minerals to keep herself looking beautiful.

Here’s how they describe this particular product:

SEACRET Mineral-Rich Clarifying Mud Mask is based on an advanced formula composed of Dead Sea Minerals from the Dead Sea Mud that gently purifies and cleans clogged pores. The Mud Mask is a Dead Sea Cosmetics product that combines herbal complexes of Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract, Vitamin A, Sunflower Seed and Jojoba Oils. SEACRET’s unique Dead Sea mud mask nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.


The retail cost is $94.95 and worth every last penny. Go ahead and thank us later! We promise you won’t regret this.


The Ultimate Betties



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