It seems that when celebrities spotlight starts fading the one thing that enters their mind is: sex tape. From Kim Kardashian to the bratty Teen Mom, Farrah.. everyone seems to have one. Whether they say it was hidden, leaked, or if they actually just made one to get some extra dinero; it’s still disgusting.

First off, if you are a celebrity and don’t have any prior videos made – you shouldn’t think now is a good time. That’s your first mistake. Secondly, if you did have a video pre-fame you need to take care of that ASAP. We are so sick of reading these BREAKING NEWS articles about who decided to come out with a sex tape. It’s pathetic, a bad example, and quite frankly…. annoying.

Just because you are famous you think everyone will want to see you doing the mattress mambo? NO! If you enjoy doing that – go get a job in the industry. Don’t try to make a video so you can up your bank account amount.

We want YOUR thoughts.


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