Three’s A Crowd

Monday called for our weekly lunch with the girls. Our favorite time of the week to catch up with every one that lives near us!

Shockingly… a friend we never thought had a wild side is the wildest of us all. Which brings us to the “three’s a crowd” saying. We understand the young, wild, and free phase we tend to go through during our 20’s. however, we don’t think bringing in a third to the relationship is necessary until latter years of marriage. How many 100% secure chicks do YOU know in their 20’s? Exactly. So how is that going to work? If your girlfriend gets jealous over you liking some other girls picture on Instagram; prepare for chaos. She won’t enjoy watching you pleasure a female or vice-versa.

Why not explore other sexual things with your partner that create less drama? Too many people have let the shittiest term created “YOLO” get to their head. Good things happen to those who wait. So wait. Or don’t, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Ultimate Bettie’s


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