The L Word

I am proud of who I am. Especially today. I pretty much put the G in Gay or L in Lesbian or H in Homosexual. But really, what does it matter anyway? Gay, Straight, Bisexual, it’s all the same. Love is love. Relationships are not complicated. It’s the people in them that complicate the shit out of them. If your fiancé would rather stay home and watch ice-skating preliminaries versus going out on a romantic dinner date with you, you might want to take a look at how often he gets his hair cut, or quite possibly count the number of Aveda products he owns, and if you’re still wondering if your fiancé likes men more than you; check his closet. No pun intended on the closet mention…But seriously, if he wears his T-shirts tighter than you, goes to the GAY LA Fitness and comes home several hours later without breaking a sweat, then you might want to take a look at why the two of you haven’t exchanged intimate relations in the past three years. Clearly, there is something missing. It’s ok. If you truly love yourself then you can let him go. Let him go find his prince-charming. It will be hard at first but often times people don’t know they are gay.

Take me for example. I didn’t know I was in high school but Ashley did. So, after going through a recent break-up, afraid of love and fearing I’d never find it again, love will always find a way. I did familiarize myself with the madness in which we call online dating,as well, which was a HUGE help in coming to understand that love was there all along. I just had to look within myself, not on Plenty of Fish. There is no love more validating other than that of self, and not in a narcissistic manner, but a self-validating fashion. See, the writing on the wall speaks volumes and it is always there. We just need to be aware. The best relationships begin when we least expect them. It’s when we aren’t searching and looking for “something” when love comes knocking at your door. For me, she was there all along. But who would have thought we’d reconnect on this level fourteen years later? It’s new and wonderful and exciting and oh, so very gay. If gay means happy, then I’m truly happy. Ashley, that’s her name. She’s a breath of fresh air. We literally broke out in song earlier to the Little Mermaid. “No, the Little Mermaid is my bitch! No, she’s mine. Fine, Finding Nemo is #2 on my list. No! It’s my #2.”

The bottom line: All labels aside, love doesn’t discriminate. The only thing that discriminates is ignorance. Today is a big day in our country regarding the cases being heard before the Supreme Court with respect to Proposition 8 and DOMA. All love is equal. Love has no limits. The greatest love of all is the love for oneself and the rest will follow.


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