YOU are who YOU associate YOURSELF with

After a wonderful weekend spent star gazing at Coachella we are back to reality. Monday Blues. Wah!

Spending a weekend with such beautiful people makes you realize a lot. The worst part of it all: our parents were right. Remember that saying “you are who you associate yourself with”, the one that always made you shriek as you were walking out the door with your worst crew of friends; trying to pretend like they were angels. Yeah. Apparently, our parents wisdom reached us during an epiphany at the greatest music festival since Woodstock. Standard.

The people in which you decide to spend time with, essentially will affect the person you become. It all sounds very clichè but we’ve seen it happen. Imagine the five closest people to you. Are they the type who party and trash daddy’s beach house? Are they successful? Even if they aren’t now, do they have dreams they are working toward? See… All of this matters. It does reflect upon you what others around you are doing.

Make sure you surround yourself with those who will lift you up, challenge you to do better, and tell you when you need to get your shit straight.

The Ultimate Bettie’s


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