Glamp – Don’t Camp

After spending three VERY long, dirty days, camping in the forest we came to a realization; Betties don’t camp. We glamp. What exactly is glamping? If you haven’t heard of it – you clearly need to catch up on your Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes because those biddies do it in style. Basically, this style of camping is for the luxurious; the ones who don’t want to get dirty. The ones who think digging a hole to go to the restroom is 100% erroneous and unacceptable for a female.
Glamping usually involves an establishment that puts together tents, cabins, or tee pees that are lavish. Actual beds on the inside with absolutely little chance of critter friends joining you in the night. There are communal showers, bathrooms, as well as a market to purchase food and alcohol. If you are lucky enough, some glamp sites even offer tent service. Seriously? Who would ever want to pack up a tent, sleeping bag, and shovel for your next adventure when you can still be one with nature but in complete comfort.
We suggest you skip the whole “I’m totally outdoorsy” act to your new man and inform him to call the boys next time he feels the need to channel his inner caveman. Woo him by and plan the most adventurous, comfortable, unforgettable weekend.
Trust us.
The Ultimate Betties

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