stay weird.

Let’s first start with, what is ‘weird?’ The word is defined as

suggesting something supernatural; uncanny

We can get real philosophical on you all about this one particular word. Much like Seth Godin, we believe ‘weird’ is nothing. It shouldn’t even be a word in our vocabulary. Each one of us is unique and have qualities that not a single soul has on this planet. How mind-blowing is that? Some of the greatest people we have met would fall under the word “weird” or “uncanny”; an oddity if you will.

If we all were the same this world would be a boring place. We wouldn’t have even 2% of the amazing things we have. Not even speaking of technology. If you ever feel that you don’t fit in or are “too weird” – take a step back, and understand we are all ‘weird’. Your destiny on this earth is to find what your passion is and to let it kill you. Whatever it may be. The only opinion that matters in this life of yourself is YOUR OWN.

Stay weird, Friends!


The Ultimate Betties


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