Is she really a whale?

Ok, we have to get this off our chests because honestly it’s ridic.

Leave Kim Kardashian’s maternity style and her weight gain alone, for two different reasons:

1. She’s pregnant people, she’s going to gain weight. Shit happens. Yeah, maybe she doesn’t portray it entirely well, but she’s doing her own thing and we respect her for that.

2. There is SO much going on in the world than what she’s wearing today and how many rolls shes developed since Kanye’s seed has been implanted.

Bad choice.

Bad choice.

We admit some of her choices are not the best but why should we give a flying rat’s ass? If any of you are ever pregnant and in the spotlight constantly, then you may complain. Other than that, move on. Read a book, do something productive with your life.

Over it.


The Ultimate Betties


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