What We Learned This Week

Teen Mom‘s Leah Calvert must have a  p—- made of gold, oops, we meant to say ‘heart’ – a HEART of gold. On this weeks episode of Teen Mom 2: So hard to say good-bye, we had an epiphany.

20 something year old Leah Calvert must be doing something right. Either in the bedroom (our guess) or just has the greatest heart in the world. How can a girl (who gave back her engagement ring to rekindle love with baby daddy) pull off getting that ring back only a week later when she realizes her ex doesn’t want to commit? I’m not sure if it’s a backwoods thing, but I don’t know one male who would put up with that BS.

We want your thoughts! Guys – would you put up with these games? Ladies – do you agree or disagree with what she is doing? Let us know!


The Ultimate Betties


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