Rants and Raves: Poking

Get your mind out of the gutter! Ha..no really we would’ve thought along those lines too.

OK, we do realize this is completely 7 years ago but it’s recent to us as of late anyways. WHY on earth are you Facebook poking me? Seriously.

When we typed in Facebook Poking on Google, one of our favorite sites popped up; Urban Dictionary. Here’s the first definition:

When bitches want to have sex, so they push the poke button on Facebook to say they are dtf.
Well, isn’t that super. So, my little Spanish friend from work and an ex hook-up are both sharing their interest in poking me? If that isn’t romantic, what is?
Was Mark Zuckerberg trying to create the easiest way to initiate a booty-call without actually having to call or speak to that person at all? Fail. If you want a hook-up buddy you better develop that personality, Facebook can only take you so far.
Don’t be a D-bag and don’t poke, so 2006.
The Ultimate Betties

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