Betty VS Bar

While out shopping this past weekend we saw this:

First off, John Waters is a stud. It goes without saying but oh well – we said it. We are the first to say sleeping around is social suicide. It’s awful for your self – esteem and true Betties KNOW their worth. OK – we will stop preaching. It’s not 1955 and going home with someone you aren’t serious with is bound to happen. How many times have you gone to a guys’ house, scanned their room, and you were automatically turned off.

TMNT action figures? Is that a stuffed animal? Wait, did I just hear a cough that sounded like it came out of a 90 year old womans mouth?

He looked so cute at the bar in his expensive outfit. I would have never guessed he was this strange or possibly living at home with his grandmother. Maybe it was the three Long Island Iced Teas I downed, but damn. This is a no-go.

John Waters has a very very valid point here. The obvious message is true. We do need to make books cool again. If they have books, they are probably intelligent. Even if they aren’t the next Einstein they care enough to continue to learn which in turns mean growth. We’re adults now. We need to think about these things no matter how much we want to pretend they don’t matter. THEY DO. This isn’t college. An unopened bottle of Svedka in his refrigerator should not seal the deal.

Long story short – next time you find yourself at home with a cute guy from the bar, make sure to really evaluate the situation you’re in. You could end up with this guy for the rest of your life. Be cautious. Be smart. Be safe!


The Ultimate Betties


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