There’s no man in needy

This past week we have encountered something quite shocking. Most needy texters are female. It’s expected that a woman might take it to extreme lengths. Especially after feeling committed to their partner.

Here’s the deal: give the person a chance to respond to you. We live in a world where people have their phone attached to them (most of the time). It gives us some sense of insecurity if we don’t get immediate responses. Not everyone’s connected 24/7. SOME of us have jobs, you know.

Ok, now that we got that out here’s a message to all you needy men out there. We will get back to you when we CAN. We don’t need dramatic texts such as: “Oh, okay apparently you ARE busy. uh talk to you later” after we repeatedly told you we cannot communicate during work. This is absolutely uncalled for unless a) we have a child together b) you have a receipt for the 4 carat Tiffany’s wedding ring c) we’ve been committed long enough and we are aware you can be a whiny b*tch just like us. Even then, it’s highly annoying BUT at least it’s justifiable. If A, B, or C do not apply — put your phone down, MAN UP, and be patient.


The Ultimate Betties


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