What did we learn this week?

We’re just going to throw this one right out there and make it as bold as we feel about it: Betties get what they want. No if, and or buts about it.

We already knew this but it was reconfirmed this past week during a basketball game. Yes, we love our sports more than we care to explain. Any-who, this is how it went down: we got two tickets to a game in-which the seats were pretty high up but we didn’t care because it’s more for the atmosphere of actually being there and enjoying it. Of course, of all the upper section which had many seats open our row, the one below us and above us were completely filled. We found ourselves feeling enclosed in a glass case of emotion!

After the first quarter we decided that we could do better. We got up, went down to the 100 sections and stood there for a few minutes. After about five minutes of scoping out the open seats, we kindly asked the woman checking tickets if we could go sit in two of the open seats. She responded hesitantly “People have come in and out all night, and people have got kicked out too.” To which we responded, that if someone came and we were sitting in their seats that we would move. BAM! Like that we were in.


     So, it’s middle of the second quarter and there we were enjoying the $100 plus seats,  drinks in hand and feet up, loving life. Plus, the excitement of not knowing if someone would come and tell us to move always makes the experience better.

Point is Betties, you can get anything you want. There really are no restrictions in life.. ask and you shall receive. It works for us, make it work for you!

Go get yours,

The Ultimate Betties


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