The Ultimate Cooking Website

Today, like any other day… we found ourself in the kitchen trying to prepare lunch. This becomes a daily battle. We enjoy cooking very much, its therapeutic and a skill every true Betty must have. However, we are NO Paula Dean. We literally go buy the correct amount of ingredients for whichever meal we are making. Leaving us with scraps leftover after only a few days. It’s like being in college ALL OVER AGAIN.

cheese….chicken….strawberry jelly…. onion and chive cream cheese…. and….. wait, is that a tomato? what in the hell kind of meal is this going to make?


What if there was a site that you could just punch in all of your household ingredients and WAH-LA…. a list appears! All of your problems would be solved! Well… do we have a surprise for you – go check outSuper Cook: Recipe Search by Ingredients. If we are late to the game on this, please keep your smirks to a minimum. We are very excited to have discovered this. Maybe now we can finally start mastering the art of cooking, one random ingredient at a time.


The Ultimate Betties



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