The Real Dope on Valentine’s Day

So February 14 2013 is around the corner and all you Bobs are feeling the pressure to
give gifts, chocolate, diamonds, roses, heart-shaped anything and who knows what. There are two ways to look at this day. Old school is chocolate, diamonds, roses and hearts. Give and ye shall receive. Here’s a new perspective. There are 364 other days in a calendar year (that’s 8,736 hours) and we ‘Bob’s’ should not be judged by how we perform on any given day or one ‘special’ day lasting only 24 hours. We should give love to our partners each and every day.


So as the story goes, Saint. Valentine gave his life for love, the love of others and the
love for a woman. Let’s all resolve to redefine Valentine’s Day and share the love with more than just your partner, male or female. Do a good deed. Bring joy and happiness to a true stranger, that is indeed a form of love worthy of universal celebration Lets all redefine this day for lovers as a day for sharing universal love, love of our fellow-man (or woman) especially the love of a stranger or group of strangers. Do something anonymous and feel the love emanate from within.

Certainly these random and anonymous acts of kindness would get a big thumbs up
from the long deceased Saint Valentine. Heck, even Hallmark would come out with some new cards and figure out how to monetize this newly defined Holiday!


The Ultimate Bob


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