Let’s be appropriate people.

I suspect that my latest event was not unique. I recently went to a social event, not a
network or business development mingle-thing. Apparently half the people who attended
figured this was not a social get together but indeed a networking function and tried to sell me professional goods and services, insurance, real estate services, you name it, they pedaled it.

I’ve been to network marketing things and they have a legitimate purpose in the proper
time and place. My wish for the rest of the year is that people act ‘place appropriate’. In more spiritual terminology; Be Here Now!

Be Here Now

This 100% all the time, anywhere and everywhere guerrilla marketing thing is too much. I
am reminded of some wise old Wordsworth; that; the world is too much with us. It’s not rude and for decades people speak of mixing business with pleasure, I get it. I just don’t care for it.
So Bobs, think about where you market your ‘stuff’ and if you really care for your market share and your customers, give me some space.


The Ultimate Bob


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