A Dose of Reality

At some point in all of our lives we meet situations that either shock us, hurt us or embarrass us. That’s life. It has happened to us and each time we realize there is a good lesson to be learned.


For example, say you or someone you know let that thought that’s been scratching at your brain actually flow from your mouth. That next minute is going to haunt you for a while because you just realized you spoke prematurely. After that, the other parties reaction is probably going to leave you with a good dose of reality and a billion thoughts. At this point, they’re either distancing themselves from you now or saying something right back.. it could get messy.

As embarrassed as you now are, well that will pass. However, this is when you should realize not to take life that serious. Easier said than done, we know.

“It’s never the cards you’re dealt, but always how you play the hand.”

Life is going to give you a slap right to the face every now and then, that’s just part of the journey and learning experience. Don’t feel too bad though, mistakes are made and people will learn to forgive.

Next time you do something you wish you could take back, take a step back and accept that dose of reality..it happened. If you’re on the opposite side, don’t scurry away either. Remember people make mistakes and you will too, one day, and then wouldn’t you too wish for peace?

Reality and Lessons go hand-in-hand.


The Ultimate Betties



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