A Betty Rant

Alrighty Betties and Bob’s, we have to strongly voice our opinion on such topic: Your business on Facebook.

We’re going to make this short and sweet because we value your time and attention spans. We’re not here to offend anyone but for the love of god stop posting your personal drama on Facebook. Tell yourself(if you’re guilty of it) or anyone you know that no one cares!!


Don’t get us wrong, people care about your problems and those people should be the only ones who hear about it. Sorry if you and your boyfriend are having problems but seriously changing your relationship status every time you have a fight is just absurd.

The last thing we want to see when we log-in to our Facebook’s is the newest Jerry Springer episode. Let’s be real we would rather watch that on TV, at least it has entertainment value.

So, with that off of our chest let’s talk about how to avoid this if you’re guilty of this nonsense:

1. First..take that ish to Twitter..there are too many things going on for people to even see your tweet.

2. Quotes and lyrics are cool if they’re funny or motivational but emo and sappy ones are overdone.

3. Seriously, talk to a friend, a family member, a therapist..someone. People care, just not when they’re trying to get their latest Facebook fix.

You look ridiculous sharing that you’re done with your baby daddy and you deserve better. GOOD. Finally you realized it..instead of writing a Facebook post pack up your stuff and never look back.

Also, we realize there is indeed a button for hiding peoples status updates but this is a long time coming and well we just wanted to vent.


The Ultimate Betties


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