Keep Calm & Be Polite

Time to vent Betties! This one goes out to all of those who put up with their Bob’s buddies. If Bob has a solid crew: pat yourself on the back, open a new tab, and go browse Victoria’s Secret swim line.

We will guesstimate that nine out ten readers have this so-called “buddy” in his boxers on their couch. Okay! Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. How are you supposed to act when you and Bob’s best friend don’t get along? Here’s how:

1. Spend time apart. (You should be doing this anyways — it’s healthy) this way he can spend time with the guys and doesn’t feel stuck choosing one relationship over the other.
2. Don’t discuss this person. It’s not a bad thing to not discuss someone who might later create drama.
3. BE CORDIAL! Say hello and goodbye. Truthfully, you don’t need to say much more. It’s impolite not to acknowledge a person entering or exiting a room.

There’s always the fourth and most ideal option: get to know them. Maybe you two are similar? Maybe there’s something about this person that would change your opinion of them? Either way, outside opinions shouldn’t dictate your relationship status. Take what people say with a grain of salt. Trust those who try to help dim your ‘love blinders’ in certain situations. Otherwise, follow your heart and try to maintain your betty-like demeanor through the drama.

For relationship advice, pointers, or just a listening ear –
email us subject line: Dear Betty

The Ultimate Betties


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