Our Language on the Move

Like so many other institutions, the dictionary business moves with trends and fads
which embed themselves into our culture. Our language moves with that process, sort of a diction evolution. Our language evolves to keep pace with our current conventions and cultural events. The newest version of the Oxford English Edition of the Dictionary has added about 1700 new words and meanings as we pull into 2013.

These words are great. Some are obvious (Man Cave and F-Bomb) and some quirky and remote like the one I heard on my 13 year old daughter’s fav radio show; A man being called a Mitch. The female version would be a bitch. Women run with Bitches, men with Mitches. It’s not yet made its way onto our list for the next dictionary edition but it is, I fear, eventually headed that way.


Our language is rich with opportunity to string great words together and make poetry
out of prose. Let’s take some pride in our spoken word. Words are awesome. I’m not high-
browing it here, but we should have some standards. I could not fathom using a dictionary,
even on line, where the words Vajazzle and Blootered were recognized and allowed to take up some space. So my final thought is that you go look them up and figure out what they mean. One’s a noun and the other an adjective…


Ultimate Bob



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