So, Betties, it’s Wednesday. The third day of the new year, have you tried anything new yet?

Self Hypnosis Spiral

We have all tried this as kids, taking a chain watch and swinging it in front of someones eyes trying to hypnotize them into doing something of our own wants and needs. Well, we are all about new this year and hypnosis sounds like something new we would like to try.

Hypnosis is the change of the psychological state of mind resembling sleep but in reality you are awake. The subjects concentration is heightened while simultaneously blocking out other distractions.


It’s not like the above anymore, there is no swinging of an object it’s much more simple today. We stumbled across a website that has TONS of different types of hypnosis categories. From trying to cure the common addictions to fighting off negativity.

Most downloads start at $12.95 and go up from there, if you prefer them on CD with free shipping they are a little more.

Have any of you ever tried Hypnosis? If you or someone you know has send us an e-mail or comment below and let us know what you thought about the result.


The Ultimate Betties


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