Just Like The Beatles Said..

let it be

At the end of the game, pawns and kings go back into the same box. -Italian Proverb

You know those “empowering” calendars? The ones with the black backgrounds with pictures of scenery, triumph and positivity and an inspirational quote… That’s where we found the above. It got us thinking.

No matter where in life you start out; whether it be broke or graced by wealth, in the end we all end up in the same place. Anything you had in this life or perhaps lack there of wont matter. Nothing will matter.

Don’t take this wrong, or as negativity look at it more like your mid-week reality session. Dissect the quote above, do you feel like your life is constantly a competition with someone else? Is someone getting something bigger and better than you..you’re jealous? It’s time to fix that twisted view.

So that leaves you with two choices; continue on with your life or change it. Change your perspective on life and the world around you will change. Don’t let your life be a strict rule book but don’t be stagnant either. When life hands you an opportunity, pursue it don’t pass it up. Respect people and earn respect back. Jealousy is evil and a little bit is healthy but maybe that “bigger and better” was deserving. As humans we don’t know every persons strength and determination or weakness. Try to judge less and accept more. We truly never know what will happen next.

For the life planners, sit back and relax. We can guarantee your life won’t go exactly as planned and that’s perfectly OK.We say this with experience as both of us know our lives are very different from we originally thought and that’s great!

Probably overly clichéd but next time you hear The Beatles song “Let it Be” don’t just listen to music, hear the words.

Life will work out just fine Betties!


The Ultimate Betties


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