Booty Blasters

If you are like us, you have spent hours on different sites trying to find the PERFECT booty exercises. There are so many DVD‘s on the market such as Brazilian Butt Lift, Your Best Butt Fast, and Exhale: Core Fusion – Thighs & Glutes. The downside to DVD’s are how pricey they are. If you already have a gym membership, adding on those additional prices isn’t logical.

Thanks to Fitness Magazine; we found an amazing Seven Day Treadmill routine that blasts 2,000 calories and targets areas such as your glutes and thighs.

We also found 9 ways to sculpt your buns at home! Check it out here.

Remember: The most effective way to get a bootylicious backside is to stick with it! These are the workouts we have personally used and have found them VERY effective.


The Ultimate Betties


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