What Did You Learn This Week?

Let’s be honest, we learn lessons even small ones every day but do you ever take the time to write them down?

With life going so quick we decided that writing down our weekly lessons would be our best bet at remembering and learning from them. I guess you could say this more for us but we like to share aspects of our lives with in hopes we can help you too!


This weeks life lesson: People are willing to help you.

Seriously. I graduated over a year ago and I am still looking for a career, ya I know a lot of people in the same boat. However, I was recently contacted by an employment agency. If you don’t know what they do (look it up for a better definition) but they basically help find you a seasonal, temp, or day-to-day jobs that will usually turn permanent.

I have applied to jobs overall for the past year, with her help I’ve been on interviews, gotten interviewing tips, my résumé fixed, etc. SO much quality help.

The reason this is a lesson is because I will be going out-of-town in the next few weeks, which means no interviews, and you would think she would just stop helping me since there is no real point, right?

Wrong! She is still graciously helping me and keeping in contact. It actually opened up my eyes about (myself) keeping in contact with people and how special it feels to know that someone is taking that extra time and effort to help out someone else.

From us to you: just know there are people who will and want to help you. You may have to change-up your plans a little and that’s OK, it’s all worth it in the end. Always remember to send them an extra special thank you too.

Every now and then we should all be somebody’s help in time of need.

Have a great weekend Betties!


The Ultimate Betties


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