Red Bull Volume II

During one of our recent trips to work we stopped and caved into our Red Bull addiction. While paying, the nice man behind the counter informed that Red Bull would be coming out with three new flavors. Let’s just say we were pretty excited.

If you are caffeine cravers like we are then you will love the latest news from Red Bull. In March 2013, the energy drink company will roll out three new flavors of the popular beverage. The three flavors will be cranberry, lime and blueberry.

USA Today reported that “Red Bull’s action might seem to be a signal that it’s playing catch-up with rivals Monster, Rock Star and even Starbucks refreshers, that have lots of flavor options.”

The new flavors will also be presented in new cans; The Red Edition, The Silver Edition and The Blue Edition.

This is the first time in their 25 years on the market that they will try flavors.

What do you think about the new edition to Red Bull? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know! We cannot wait!


The Ultimate Betties


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