The First Date

Let’s face it; there is nothing more exciting/intimidating as a first date. This is the first part of the weeding out process. So far, the fact he asked you out on a date instead of meeting you at a bar to only leave you with no number the next morning – proves a good start.

As a Betty, you have high standards (at least we hope so). We don’t mean you need a checklist and one mistake is a deal breaker. Imagine being a guy on a first date. He knows you are watching his every move under a microscope. However, there should be a few ground rules.

First (and foremost): Do not allow him to call or text you “I’m here!” He can get out of his car and walk you down like a gentleman.

Second: It’s a first date not an anniversary dinner. Expecting a Ruth’s Chris meal is absurd. You’re just as much in the hot seat as he is. It’s about getting to know one another; not how many stars Gael Greene rated the restaurant.

Third: chivalry is NOT dead. Opening doors for you and pulling your chair out need to be noted.

Fourth: The dreaded “check dance”. We have mixed emotions about this. While some guys respect that a female would offer to pay – others find it demeaning. Feel that part out as the date progresses.

He should never allow you to pay and if he does… Keep calm. Pay your part and take a cab home. We are old-fashioned and believe if a guy asks YOU on a date, he’s offering to pay for the meal. Splitting should only occur when you’re in an equal relationship.

This might sound like common sense to you. Unfortunately, we’ve heard some god awful ‘First Date’ stories from fellow Betties. Remember your worth. Woman have much more power than they believe. If you already know this you’re a top-notch Betty!

Make sure it’s a First Date you want to brag to your future children about.


The Ultimate Betties


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