Let’s Talk About Facebook

Facebook could be hurting you..

“As we all know, our meanderings across the web many not reflect us accurately.” Yeah you’re telling us!

The other day we were reading the women’s bible, Cosmo of course, and we came across a very interesting article. It was about the relationship ruining, narcissistic website Facebook. You can tell how we feel about it already, yet we all still have one. We came across a short article, that packed a big punch called “Is Facebook Exploiting Our Info?” this article shared with us something that we now wish to share with all of you.

As we all should know, those drinks/drinking/drunk pictures can very much get you in trouble and prevent you from getting that job that you have been hoping to land. But, did you know just by clicking “Like” on certain products, organizations, and food establishments it could be hurting your future? Yes. The article basically explains that your public Facebook activity, “Likes” for example, are being monitored by outside companies that collect information about you. These outside companies do research and gather information then sell the info to outside businesses. These outside businesses can range from insurance agencies to credit-card companies. They even look into your Google searches, which is just crazy. (And here we thought looking things up in the privacy of our own homes was good enough.)

Anyways, these companies search out your Facebook and see what you like. For instance, if you like a fast-food company you very well could be deemed a higher risk. It’s sad to think about how health insurance companies used to be based on family health history, but not anymore. Truthfully though, does everyone and their mother need to know that you “Like” McDonald’s and Wendy’s? Nah, we’re good.

As of now the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is pushing for greater protection for consumers. However, it is a work in progress and we never know how long that could take.

We have no privacy any more and it just goes to show that Facebook is once again hurting our lives. If we were YOU, we would go through our Facebook and look into changing all of your privacy settings and account settings. Maybe even think twice about what you’re “Liking”, because truthfully you never really know what is harming your future.

Keep your business, YOUR business Betties.


The Ultimate Betties


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