“There are two types of people in this world, the ones who believe they have a special power and those who try to prove them wrong”

This quote is from the Robert De Niro flick, ‘Red Lights’. For those of you that are not familiar, it’s about two researchers who make a living proving that paranormal activity is trickery. The moment that quote fluttered from the actress’s mouth, we knew there was a much deeper message.

Betties in life there will always be the people who will bring you down; the ones who minimize you to the point where you feel as if you are a joke. They can’t envision your goals. It’s frustrating to continually be laughed at for things you feel you can do. On the flip side, isn’t that what empowers us? If you truly believe you have that spark, why buy into the naysayers? Why not go out every single day and give it your all? Not only to prove these people wrong but simply because you know YOU CAN. The only thing stopping you is yourself. Every morning you wake up and have the ability to choose how you will spend your 86,400 seconds. How many have you wasted on over thinking or feeling sorry for yourself because a person shot down your ideas?

In this world you have two different options; achieving your goals or allowing people to depict your potential. Us Betties believe you can do anything you set your mind to.  Regardless what people say about anything you’re striving towards means nothing. Chances are you have an intuition that something amazing will come from your idea. Whether you believe you can start your own company, write a book, or have the courage to 360 your life’s direction career wise – it’s achievable. Our absolute FAVORITE Betty, Miss Marilyn Monroe said it perfectly –

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I’m Possible

It’s Wednesday and any negative energy you have had toward a passion of yours needs to stop immediately. The people who believe they can change their own world are considered crazy… but notice they are always the ones who end up the happiest. You have one life to live make sure it’s exactly what you want to be doing. If you aren’t waking up smiling from ear to ear, start re-evaluating. The world is yours for the taking, Betties!


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