Flying Like A Betty!

Who loves traveling as much as we do?
Let us start out by saying that we not only LOVE traveling but we love the airport too! It’s seriously one of our favorite places to be. So, as one of us happened to be flying recently we are going to share our secrets to traveling in the simplest way possible. We travel all the time,well  for girls who don’t actually have jobs that require us to travel. So, by experience we have taught ourselves how to pack and travel with ease.

With the price of baggage fees so high and unneeded , we have found a way to get around paying.

  • We take our carry-on sized rolling suitcases and pack just our clothes and shoes.
  • Then, in a large duffel or backpack we put our toiletries, hair products, jewelry, etc. for the second carry-on.
  • No money paid and all of your stuff with you! I’m sure many people are already smart to this but we used to seriously over pack and then we realized we would rather spend that $25-30 on something useful, so we stopped.
  • It is a lot of stuff to carry. However, in many cases once you get to the point of boarding the plane they tend to run out of room for bags. The Flight Attendants will then tag your bigger bag and place it under the plane for free. Upon getting off the plane, your bag will be there and you won’t have to mess with baggage claim!

At Home:
1. This is rule number one simply because we have never stopped using it. When packing, roll every article of clothing. It seems like it would take up more room, but it absolutely doesn’t. All of our extra shoes and clothes that we always bring but never get around to wearing will always fit now!
2. If you have nice dresses, tops or suits but no hanging suit bag and you want them to arrive wrinkle free, fold and put them in the large zip lock bags.
3. If you have the money, buy the vacuum sealed bags. They are totally worth it if you’re going on a trip that’s longer than 10 days or so. *Make sure you have a vacuum at your final destination to seal the bags for your return trip.
4. ALWAYS leave room in your suitcase. We know that whenever we’re going on vacation, new clothes or souvenirs will be coming back with us and we need them to fit!

At The Airport(Security):
1. No one wants to get stuck behind someone who has to properly undo their sneakers or unlatch their sky-high stilettos. Do bring them
in your carry on, but wear easy slide off shoes.. Please!
2. Have your stuff ready. That means your ID, your passport, boarding card and your laptop out of the case.
3. If you are standing in the security line and happen to overhear a patron
asking if they may go in front of you because their flight is boarding really soon, let them. Especially if you have time to spare. There is no worse feeling than just missing your flight due to long lines or traffic. It will help them out and probably will make you feel better too!

Food is grossly overpriced in the airport and let’s not even talk about the itty-bitty cheese and crackers snack-packs on the plane for $8!! Though we all know drinks are not allowed, you absolutely can bring on snacks. (One of us may have brought on a burrito in a little cooler at one time).

Save yourself some room, money and time with these easy to do tricks. If you have any new techniques that we don’t know about, please comment them below. We are always looking for new ways to make traveling easier.

Happy traveling Betties!


The Ultimate Betties


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